Sweater Weather Day 6

Our final outfit day is upon us. I’ll forever love my sweaters and wear about a million other sweater outfits. But here is my final sweater weather outfit to share with you. Today’s outfit uses the third from the top sweater, which is the beautiful color “blackberry”!


Cotton On truly does have the most spectacular sweaters. You’d think they would have sponsored these posts, but I swear they haven’t. I’m just honestly obsessed.


I normally just wear this sweater solo, but I got this cardigan about a week ago. It’s a new favorite and I already love to pair it with anything with three quarter length sleeves!


Sweater: Cotton On | Cardigan (similar style): Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Old Navy | Choker: Icing

And there ya have it..the last of our sweater weather outfits. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the outfits I threw together for this cold month of January. I’m definitely planning on making this more of a trend for 2017!

XO Elisebeth

P.S. My hubby is the best and thanks deary for putting up with these photos!

P.P.S. Hubby and I are on our way to Phoenix and I cannot wait to share our adventures with you!


Sweater Weather Day 5


Only two more outfits to share with you… I may have to make this a more regular thing on the blog! Today’s sweater is the beautiful white one, fourth from the top!


This sweater is the coziest, comfiest, most amazingly soft sweater I own. I could live in this sweater alone for the rest of my life. Of course, it’s another Cotton On sweater. I ordered it online (along with the tan sweater catastrophe) and am tempted to get a few more before they are out.


Sweater: Cotton On | Leggings: H&M | Necklace (similar style): Icing

If you ever see me wearing this sweater, you can fully expect me to prompt you to feel its wonderful softness! Tomorrow is the final day of my sweater sharing, so prepare yourself for one final sweater outfit.

XO Elisebeth

Sweater Weather Day 3

And we’re off on Sweater Weather Day 3! Honestly, I’m loving sharing my favorite sweaters.

We’ll start again with my stack of sweaters. Today, we’ll be looking at the green sweater second from the top.


Shockingly enough, this is an Old Navy sweater, not a Cotton On Sweater. This is a sweater I stumbled on while browsing ON’s clearance racks and it was marked down to $8! I tried it on and couldn’t pass on it.


These top two photos don’t show the color very well. Below are some better closeups of the sweater to see the shade of green it is! Also, I have to rant about these glasses a little bit. I bought these online from Eye Buy Direct (they’re Moody style) last March I think. If you’re looking to buy a pair of glasses online, I definitely recommend Eye Buy Direct, they have a lot of great styles! This sweater I love to wear with a lacy bralette underneath because you can see it peak out on my shoulder. It just adds a little extra flare to one of my coziest outfits I own!


Sweater (slightly different style) similar style: Old Navy | Leggings: H&M | Glasses: Eye Buy Direct (they don’t carry Moody anymore!)

This outfit works with either boots or tennies, which is why it’s great for aweekend in or errands or even traveling! I may possibly be wearing this outfit to the airport this week…

XO Elisebeth

Sweater Weather Day 2


I am here to share another awesome sweater outfit with you! Let’s do this!

Sweater Weather Day 2!

Here’s another look at my sweater stack. I realized after yesterday’s post that I actually have another sweater, that I forgot to include and was actually my first sweater to start my addiction. I cannot believe I forgot… Oops… Today’s outfit uses the very first sweater you see on this stack!


Well, today’s sweater is another Cotton On sweater. It’s actually my most recent purchase from there and I’m watching sales to buy more of it in different colors (that’s how much I freakin’ love it).

Once again, this is a very simple outfit.

Sweater + Black Jeans + Little Black Booties


Sweater: Cotton On | Jeans: Old Navy | Little Black Booties similar style: H&M

I’m excited to continue to find new ways to wear this sweater as it’s just recently been added to my sweater collection.

This is another wonderful outfit for errands or lounging around the house, however it’ll also be one of my go-to outfits once I begin teaching too!

XO Elisebeth

Sweater Weather Day 1

Hey there!

It’s my favorite time of year… I can spend every second of my life in a sweater. While I may not be much of a fashion guru, I’ve been working hard to come up with some great sweater outfits. I’m going to share 6 outfits over the next 6 days, so if you’re sweater obsessed like me, make sure you come back tomorrow too!

Here we go… Sweater Weather Day 1!

Below is my lovely (and ever-growing) stack of sweaters. Today’s outfit uses the fifth sweater from the top, the nice blue one!

dsc_0112This sweater was my first in the commitment toward sweater style. I bought it in Black Friday 2015 and wore it every chance I got. Seriously, I definitely overwore it. Unfortunately, Cotton On no longer carries it, which I’m super bummed about. One thing you’re going to learn quickly in these sweater posts is that Cotton On is my GO-TO sweater store. I love all of their options and they have good sales pretty frequently. They don’t have many US locations as they’re based out of Australia, but thankfully Mall of America has one. I stop in pretty much every time I make a trip to MOA to see what deals they have.  ALSO, they have a great online selection. Just make sure you order exactly what you want. Once your order is placed you can’t change anything about it or cancel it… I, unfortunately, know this from personal experience (you’ll get that story in another Sweater Weather post).

Below is one of my favorite ways to wear this sweater. It’s super basic.

Sweater + High-Waisted Jeans + Wool Socks + Combat Bootsdsc_0125dsc_0127dsc_0214

Sweater (original Cotton On) similar style: H&M (and on sale!) | Jeans: Old Navy | Belt (original NEXT) similar style: H&M | Wool Socks (original gifted) similar style: H&M

This outfit has been a go-to outfit for a day of running errands or hanging around at home!

XO Elisebeth

P.S. Thanks to my awesome hubby for dealing with taking photos of my outfits!