WOW! You guys, it’s already March?! How is that possible?

I honestly cannot believe we are already so far into 2016, it is bizarre to me.

My March has a lot to look forward to! I have a nice 10 day long Easter Break, I am planning on beginning a new hobby (more details to come…), am hoping to get a few more photo clients, and will finish the toddler room for practicum (this week!!!) and will begin the preschool room!

School has been so crazy busy lately. It’s midterms and all the projects are beginning. As much as I love learning, I wish teachers planned their schedules differently even though I know it isn’t often possible. I promise I will start posting a few more structured posts soon, Easter Break will certainly help with those!

This past weekend I got a nice break from school and my normal work schedule. Trevor and a few friends of mine and myself went to the casino to officially celebrate my birthday! We enjoyed slots and hit up the bar! I ordered my first legal alcoholic beverage! I had pink Kinky with Sprite. We were a little lost on what we should order since the menu listed a lot of alcoholic beverages we had never heard of before, so the loveliest bartender helped us out. Seriously, we would have been lost without her.

So cheers to the start of March!

The girls + me

XO Elisebeth

How to Prepare for Second Semester

It seems like just yesterday was finals’ week – and now spring semester is upon us! As I enter my final Spring semester I thought I should throw together a post to help others prepare for their “second semesters”.

Why am I approaching this through second semester rather than just spring semester? Well, some people start in the Spring, so some of my tips won’t be applicable to them.

As an education major, I look forward to going back to college – regardless of if it’s for my first or second semester of that school year. I look forward to learning many new things and putting together everything that is needed to be a successful teacher. This semester is no different. Hopefully my “How to Prepare for Second Semester” guide will get you in the mood to go back too!


How to Prepare for Second Semester

Get your supplies in order.

I don’t know about you, but I use every last piece of paper for notes and assignments during first semester. My binders are falling apart by about halfway through and I have lost all of my good pens, too. Prior to the start of second semester I go buy all the school necessities. This gets me off to a good start and I am ready to take on everything thrown at me! I also have a love affair with office supplies, so buying new makes me a very happy person. Also – supplies includes textbooks. I know many students who do not buy/rent their books until they know they need them for the class or they just never buy them. If that works for you, much applause. This does not work for me! I rent my books through Amazon and Chegg, whichever is cheaper.

Get back to a normal schedule.

Don’t think I don’t know you have spent your winter break laying in bed, watching Netflix, and eating Pringles for every meal. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing, trust me I have done my fair share this break, but you have to get back to a school-worthy schedule before the Monday of classes. (I guess if you don’t have class until 2 pm, you have lucked out and it will be easy to adjust.) I have to be on campus at 8 am or 8:30 am everyday this semester, so my wake up schedule needs to be heavily reconfigured. Another important thing to adjust in your schedule before your first day of classes is your eating schedule. I have been indulging myself in loads of sugar and fats this break, and I know once school starts up my brain will be sludge if I continue this habit. The rest of this week will be committed to me adjusting back to my regular eating habits.

Get your brain back into school mode.

Even if you really don’t want to go back, it is oh so important to get back into deeper thinking and reading. I love to read, so I ripped through a memoir over break (The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – I highly recommend it!!) and reenergized my brain this way. By the end of the semester I hate doing readings and I swear my brain stops being able to read by December! Reading for fun helped me launch my brain into not only deeper thinking but back into enjoying reading. I also have been keeping the creative juices flowing over break which helps me adapt to classes better (at least that’s what I think – I don’t have any scientific proof or anything). So go read a few articles or write in a journal before the end of break – get back to actually thinking!

Keep the feeling of “relaxation” nearby.

This is something I am striving to get better at. I get stressed so easily. As break quickly ends, it is important to remember that you did relax, and that there will be relaxation in the future. During the semester I try to do a few things that bring me joy and relaxation to keep me from getting too stressed – girls’ night, shopping, photo sessions, date nights, and so on! Remember those things you did for weeks over break? Do those once in awhile during the semester to keep your sanity!

Set goals.

The start of Spring semester is just after New Years’. Many people make resolutions about leading healthier lifestyles by eating better or losing weight, about saving money, about traveling, etc. Make goals at the beginning of the semester just like you do at the start of the new year. Also, don’t just think up goals and say you did this. WRITE THEM DOWN. I don’t care if it’s on a sticky note or in the back of a book. Writing them down will help you remember them better. I used to write them on a sticky note and keep them in my journal, that way whenever I wrote down important life events, I was driven by what I wanted to accomplish. Now I write pretty strictly on here and not much else. My goals for this semester: stay ahead on homework (no late assignments), study for tests before the night before (start at least one week in advance), take breaks before I need them (don’t drown from stress and frustration), and do homework on the weekends. These goals offer time frames and specifics – that is what makes them achievable! Set some achievable goals for yourself!

I hope these five tips to preparing yourself for a successful semester help you be a good student! Let me know if you have any other ways you prepare for second semester in the comments below! I would also love to hear your second semester goals in the comments below too.

XO Elisebeth


Well, I’m officially at the point in the semester where I just need a break. I’m having an awfully hard time focusing on anything, especially if it has to do with classes.

Fall break is NEXT WEEK. I could not be more excited! I’m assuming Noodles will give me my normal hours, which means I’ll work quite a bit. However, I’ll still have a lot of time to rest, and more importantly catch up in my classes.

I’m definitely beginning to feel this credit load. It’s a lot-there’s a reason it isn’t recommended to take 21 credits a semester. Knowing that I’m almost halfway through it all makes it a bit more bearable though. Plus, one of my classes is only a half semester class, which means that one is almost finished! After this semester I will feel quite proud of how much I pushed myself. I think my 18 credits will feel like a walk in the park…

On another exciting note-Saturday is Homecoming! While I’m sadly not going home to NEW for my high school’s homecoming, I do get to enjoy CSP’s. I’m so excited for the football game and the carnival! There’s free ride and free food, there’s not a better combination! OH, and there’s a petting zoo! I am so glad I decided to ask off for Saturday and cannot wait to hangout with my friends all day.

Also, I have yet to hear back from Anthropologie, so it’s not looking too great on the new job front.

Anthro, Noodles, + Peanuts, OH MY!

What a crazy busy week I’ve had. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday – but really. I’ve been busy.

Yesterday I had an interview at Anthropologie! I am so excited at just the thought of working there, so I’ve been watching my phone like a hawk-hoping I get the call and that I get the job. *fingers crossed* I’m just so done at Noodles. I have pretty limited availability, so they give me all my hours over the weekend. It’s going to be the death of me, I swear.

On that note-I’m back to wearing my knee brace. I hate wearing this thing. Everybody asks “what’s wrong” and I have to tell them it’s due to an injury back in high school. I just wish I had normal knees. Working 20+ hours over 3 days at Noodles has brought a lot of actual pain into my life now, just another reason I need to get out.

My plan for if I don’t get the Anthropologie job is to apply at Starbucks and Caribou, since there are a few within blocks of my apartment. I’ve heard so many good things about working in coffee shops- plus I wouldn’t mind a discount on coffee. I also feel like it’s a rite of passage of a young adult to be a barista, but maybe that’s just my thinking. I’m making up excuses for any and every job opening that is other than at Noodles.

One more area to complain about at Noodles: there are so few employees that I had to work while I was sick on Sunday. I was nauseous all day – and no one was able to cover for me. In addition to that I had a limp because of my knee. I must have looked like hell. Due to working through my illness on Sunday, I skipped my morning class on Monday, which I was hoping to never have to do. It’s my only class that meets three times a week, and I hate going into the next class unprepared. So hopefully tomorrow goes well. :/

Now that I’ve gotten all of my complaining out of the way, here’s a way to brighten your day! The new Peanuts movie is coming out soon and they have a website set up where you can make yourself into a Peanuts character! How cool is that?! Check it out – here.

This is what I look like! Isn’t it adorable?


Like I Can

I’m supposed to be doing homework (like always…) but I’ve been sitting here thinking.

I’m getting so annoyed with how easily stressed I get, with how burdensome my anxiety is. While I may no longer be depressed like I talked about a few posts ago, I know I could still be at a lot better place.

As I’m sitting here listening to Spotify it’s so annoying(?) to me. I used to let go of all of that through music. That was my avenue of losing my stress. It’d just melt away. Even when I got solos in Stage One, those were a little more nerve wracking, but it was something to work for and I felt so empowered to get them.

Now, the thought of singing in front of people, even Trevor, terrifies me to the point of tears and anxiety attacks.

How do I get it back? How do I overcome it? How do I get back to that me that was at least semi confident about singing in front of people? I know I can still do it…but at the same time I can’t.

XO Elisebeth