Christmas Pretzels

Every Christmas Eve, my family would make up a lot of snack foods or appetizers, and this was commonly found on the table: Christmas Pretzels (or Reindeer Noses or Pretzel Hugs).

This is honestly the easiest holiday food to make ever – and it doesn’t just have to be made at the holidays. I am seriously attempted to make these every other week now that I know just how simple they are!


What you need:

  • Round Pretzels
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • M&M’s

I love how they both have Christmasy colors!

What to do:

  1. Preheat oven to 250F degrees.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or wax paper).
  3. Line baking sheet with pretzels (as many as your heart desires)!
  4. Put Hershey’s kiss on pretzel circles.
  5. Stick pan in oven. Only keep them in until the chocolates get a little melty – mine takes about three to four  minutes!

6. Place M&M’s in center of Hershey’s kiss and press down. It should smoosh! If it doesn’t, stick them back in the oven a little longer until they soften more.

7. Let the pretzels cool completely, then put in the fridge to set. This takes about 10 minutes.

Once they set, they’re good to eat!

Don’t eat them too quickly. 😉


Tried it Thursday {Cheesy Slow Cooker Chicken}

I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of sharing consistently with you all! The amount of recipes I have shared lately makes it seem like I cook all of the time – unfortunately that is definitely not true. I am extremely busy, so it’s hard to find time to cook.

Today I am sharing the first crockpot recipe I ever did in our awesome new crockpot. Crockpot meals are going to become a more regular occurrence in our home due to the throw it all together and leave it nature of them. So here you go, give this recipe a try!

Cheesy Slow Cooker Chicken (makes 6 servings, unless you’re really  hungry)

What you need:

  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • 2 cans (10.5 oz each) condensed cream of chicken soup, undiluted
  • 1 can (10.5 oz) condensed cheddar cheese soup, undiluted
  • Chopped fresh parley (optional)
  • Hot cooked pasta or rice


What to do:

  1. Place 3 chicken breasts into slow cooker. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Repeat with 3 remaining breasts.




2. Combine soups in medium bowl. Make sure you scrape those cans well. I used our small Pampered Chef spatula, it’s perfect for that!



3. Pour over chicken.

It looks kind of gross….

4. Cover slow cooker; cook on LOW 6 to 8 hours or until chicken is tender. (Mine was done by 7 hours in.)


5. Sprinkle with parsley, if desired. (I didn’t…)

6. Serve over pasta or rice. (We chose rice, because we have a huge bag laying around in our cupboards.)

This is honestly one of my new favorite meals – I will definitely be making it again!
My hubby even described it as “scrumptious”!

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it in the comments!

XO Elisebeth

Tried it Thursday {Acorn Squash}

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you all. I just made it earlier this week and cannot wait to make it again soon!

Whether you’ve tried squash before or not, I suggest you give this recipe a go. It is super cheap and uses very few ingredients.

I bought our acorn squash at ALDI – they’re only 89 cents there! Trevor and I have begun shopping there to save some money. I compared the price to what it is at Target (where we used to buy our groceries) and they are sold for $1.89 there. So go buy your acorn squash at ALDI, I just bought more today!

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What you need:

  • a pan (13×9 suggested in original recipe)
  • water
  • acorn squash
  • butter
  • brown sugar (optional, but suggested 🙂 )

How to make Acorn Squash:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350F.
  2. Slice acorn squash in half and remove the seeds + pulp (kinda like a pumpkin!)
  3. Fill pan with about a half inch of water. Place squash halves in pan, like seen below.

*I suggest if the stem is long or curved to cut that off too. I did not do this and it caused issues later on.

4. Place pan in oven for 40-45 minutes.
5. Remove after time is done. 6. VERY CAREFULLY flip squash over. I used tongs because mine were so hot I nearly burned myself.
7. Put lots of butter in the hole of the squash. (See where that curved stem caused me some issues…) 8. Add brown sugar to the hole of the squash (optional).

9. Place back in oven for approximately 10 minutes.
10. Remove from oven and decide how you want to eat!

Two easy options for eating this tasty meal are straight from the squash skin, like shown below…
OR scooping all of the squash goodness into a bowl and mixing it all together!  I prefer the second method because I can mix in a little extra brown sugar.

See, I told you it’s an easy recipe! To see the original click HERE.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this recipe or feedback on how the recipe went for you, comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on this delicious meal.

XO Elisebeth

Tried it Thursday {Apple Chips}

Hey everyone,

I know I started these “Tried it Thursday” posts back this summer and have struggled to keep up with it, but I’m going to try to improve at that! As you can see, the blog has undergone a little transformation! Until I get A LOT of “Tried it Thursday” posts accomplished, I will just be posting them in their respective area. Eventually It’ll get its own spot in the header above.

Apple Chips

So I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest (who would have guessed). It is honestly the simplest recipe ever. Even if you’re not too great at cooking, you should give this a shot!

You may have seen a picture of the delicious finish product a few posts ago when I talked about fall break, so I’ll include that again at the bottom as some extra encouragement to give this recipe a try.

Step 1: Slice the apples – THIN!

Be very careful doing this – apples have a not so pleasant shape when it comes to slicing. Each slice needs to be super thin if you want your chips to be crispy + crunchy. They don’t taste bad if they’re on the thicker side, but they’re much better the thinner you can make them. The website (which I’ll link later) that I found this on suggested using a mandolin slicer. Unfortunately I do not have one, but I’d imagine that would do wonders for step 1.


Step 2: Coat apple slices in cinnamon sugar goodness.

Mix up some cinnamon and sugar together and throw your apple slices in! The suggestion from the other site said to sprinkle, but I love the intense flavor when I coated them well.


Step 3: Heat oven at 200F degrees (do this in advance if you don’t have a gas oven like me!!!).

Step 4: Lay apple slices on a cookie sheet.




Step 5: Bake the apple slices for about 1 hour, flip over all of the slices, bake them for another 1 or more.

Step 6: Turn off oven – but leave in the apple chips for another hour! This helps your chips reach their maximum crunchy potential.

Step 7: ENJOY.


To see the original website I used this recipe from, click HERE.

I would love to hear how your apple chips tasted as well as if you have any helpful hints or tricks to make them better!

XO Elisebeth