This past year my roommate, Anna was selling Jamberry nail products. I had heard about them over the summer from a friend from CUW – so I looked more extensively through the products than I had over the summer.

I knew I wanted to figure out what to do with my nails for my upcoming wedding, so that’s what I went into the catalog with in mind.

I picked out an awesome pattern called Chantilly, which you can find on page 21 of their latest catalog. So I originally intended to wear these for the big day. But then I was talking with Ana about a week ago about manicures. I’ve never had one done and so I decided this is when I’m going to treat myself, now or never-right?!

But I had already bought my Jamberry nails-so what to do with them?! Well today I had my bridal shower (more details to come soon) – so last night the brilliant idea hit me to use my Jamberry nails for this event! It’s still wedding related and the nails worked perfectly with my dress. Last night I applied a nude color from Sephora as my underlayer and then applied my clear Jamberry nail! The result is fantastic, and I could not be happier!


Memorial Day Weekend

I have had quite the thrilling start of summer – jk.

My days have been spent in front of Netflix, watching either Friends or Gilmore Girls. While watching I am either a) blogging, b) editing pictures, c) planning future photoshoots, or d) playing either Solitaire or Riddle Stones.

Memorial Day Weekend was spent primarily at Celebrate De Pere. Saturday was my first time there and so Trevor showed me around. We were snuck behind the main stage with a guy from a band that Trevor knows. He told us to look for Jeff because he was in charge. We ended up knowing Jeff from when he worked at Pizza Ranch – so he gave us backstage passes. I’ve never felt so cool in my whole life. We took photos for a Journey cover band – Separate Ways. I was singin along the whole way. I loved listening to them as I took photos. It was quite a great experience. Then later that night The Romantics took the stage! We got some killer photos of them! I ended up shooting over 1000 pictures – a new high for me! Then, on Sunday the forecast called for rain all day. But we made our way over to the grounds anyway, hoping to shoot for Lonestar after a few local bands. Due to heavy downpour, we stuck around to shoot for a total of about 30 minutes. We snagged some plastic bags from a food stand as a part of the festival. I only had one hair tie – so I made sure to use it myself 😉 We fashioned ourselves some makeshift sleeves for the cameras and the lenses. It was a bit of a letdown honestly. Red Clover Band was fun to shoot for and Trevor knows them quite well. However, I was really hoping to shoot Lonestar. But I was soaked! There was no way I was staying in the cold rain for several hours for them.

Either way – I really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot these great bands.

I am excited for the future photo projects I have lined up!

Birthday Recap

What an amazing weekend!

I am so blessed to have such an awesome fiance and to have been able to celebrate his birthday with him! So here’s what all happened on Trevor’s “crazy” 21st birthday!

His day started off with a surprise breakfast made by me! I woke him up with the traditional saying “Wakey-wakey! Eggs and bacy!” So I did just that, I woke him up with fresh eggs and bacon. I wish I would have taken a picture of him getting his food, because it was precious how surprised he was to receive a fresh breakfast in bed on his birthday!

After breakfast, I gave him his card and presents. I made his homemade-and I am quite proud.

Left-front Right-inside
Trevor’s Birthday Card

Trevor was quite the fanatic of Left Shark from the Super Bowl. Originally I was going to incorporate it into his gift, but forgot until it came time to make his card.

For the rest of his actual gift, I splurged. I bought him a nice Teakwood candle from Target. I could not find the exact one-but I am about 95% sure it is the same brand/style as this one: here. I also got him an absolutely amazing watch. He has had his eye on various watches, but wanted to find the perfect one. He decided MVMT carried his #1 pick. It was so hard to keep it a surprise from him, I knew he would love it. I couldn’t help but splurge a bit on him. See it: here. Honestly, it looks so beautiful online, but it is even more so in person! I love seeing how joyful he is when he puts it on and is wearing it.

After presents, Trevor recorded with his friend, Justin who was in town from Eau Claire for the weekend. We then headed to “lunch” (it was almost 2) at Culvers. I enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich and a turtle sundae there. Around 4 we journeyed to Mall of America to find some wedding attire for Trevor, Justin, and Christian. It took longer than we expected and there were a few kinks in our original plan, but it all worked out (hallelujah)! I also found a headband I will wear for the wedding while we were there! I absolutely love Francesca’s, but normally cannot allow myself to spend so much on things as they are rather expensive. But hey, it was perfect and it’s for my wedding-so why not?! Take a look at it: here.

After a long day at MOA, we booked it to Mystic Lake Casino. In Minnesota, you only have to be 18 to go to the casino, otherwise I would not have been able to go in-like in Wisconsin where you have to be 21. I went in with $20. At one of the slots machines, I was at about $16 and figured I would be walking away with nothing, but I hit three “k”s which meant I got 10 free spins! The machine auto spun for me 10 times. By the end of my turn my ticket printed out at about $113! That was my highlight of the night-and I was the big winner of our group. It was a blast! While we were there, Trevor also had his first legal drink. He had a Summer Shandy (which he didn’t even finish…).

Trevor turns 21!
Trevor & Me | Mystic Lake Casino

What a crazy awesome weekend. Despite not getting much sleep-I feel much more relaxed going into this week. Now to get over these awful allergies!