2015 on Instagram

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of 2015.

I don’t know about all of you, but this year was pretty fantastic for me. Like, majorly fantastic. I cannot believe everything that happened this year and all of the amazing blessings God has given to me through my friends, family, and opportunities.

To finish off the year, I am going to give you a little recap via my Instagram photos.


January 29, 2015
Trevor + I went ice skating together for the first time! It was a blast!


February 27, 2015
I attempted to eat healthy for a while… I also found an awesome new app called Phonto that adds fonts to your photos!


March 8
I got to see some great friends from CUW over my spring break!
March 13
I went on some great shoots with my Pentax K1000.


April 20
I lived with some awesome roommates!
April 23
I tried Jamba Juice for the first time!


May 23
Trevor and I explored a lot, even Green Bay has some pretty cool spots.


June 2
Trevor + I went mini golfing in Door County for the first time!
June 10
I went to the Farmers’ Market in Downtown Green Bay as much as I could, often with my sister!
June 10 (2)
I nannied for three awesome, yet challenging boys.
June 16
I rocked some awesome new sandals from Target.


July 7
I bought my first calligraphy pen from Hobby Lobby.
July 13
My sister, mom, and best friend through me a great bridal shower.
July 26
I learned the amazingness of Bolthouse farms smoothies!


July 27
Trevor + I got married! (This photo is actually from July, but I don’t have any I took the day of)
August 7
My parents gifted us with a new couch and kitchen table and chairs from IKEA. Look at my lovely setting it all up!
August 10
I learned the true beauty of Polaroid photos.
August 12
Trevor + I enjoyed a Twins game at Target Center in Minneapolis.
August 27
I hosted ladies’ night! 


September 8
I explored Minneapolis with Sarah.
September 16
I enjoyed all of the wonderful scents and views of my favorite season: autumn!
September 27
My friends and I went apple picking – and I rocked my LBD from Cotton On.


October 13
I made apple chips – they are the best snack!
October 20
Trevor + I both posted this picture on Instagram, but I finished it in August or September. Our entry way has never looked better!
October 27
The fall colors rocked in the Twin Cities and it stayed fall for quite a while.


November 21
I attended my first Timberwolves game – we got second row seats!


December 8
Sarah and I toured the MN Governor’s Residency.
December 15
Christmas 2015 in the Rodriguez home
December 27
I attended Ana’s beautiful bridal shower
December 27 (2)
Trevor + I attended an awesome winter wedding!

2015 was an awesome year. The pictures prove it, right?!

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A Day of Love

Yesterday was a whirlwind!

Trevor and I had church and then after that, I went nonstop until about 7 pm.

My best friend (and favorite guest poster), Ana, had her bridal shower! I was oh so glad that her shower aligned with when I would be in town so that I could make it. Seriously, she is such a gem and her friendship means so much to me. It means the world to me that she has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!

Her and her family hosted the most lovely shower ever. Granted I have only now been to two showers (hers and my own), she has set high standards for showers to come! They served brunch and cake, we played games, and the bride and groom unwrapped their many gifts. I even won a prize – a beautiful, handmade ornament! Based on my own shower, I was expecting it to be a small, and intimate affair – however it was a full house! I wish we could have had more time to talk and catch up, but I guess that means we will have to see each other again before I return to Minnesota.

Doesn’t she look hot as a ging?!

After Ana’s wonderful shower, I had a wedding to rush to! Unfortunately I could not make it to the ceremony, due to time conflicts with the shower. But I picked Trevor up and we made it to the reception in time for a delicious brunch-themed dinner. The reception was at one of my favorite parks in Green Bay and was one of the venues Trevor and I had looked at for our own wedding. It is absolutely beautiful! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kaczmarek!

Here are some of the pictures I took at Whitney and Ryan’s beautiful winter wedding.




This is THE coolest idea for a guest book ever!
Talk about great cupcake flavors – Bacon Maple, Jack Daniels, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate!



I was so glad to see my sister (as pictured in the two pictures above) – it had been since October since we last seen each other!

And it just wouldn’t be a wedding without an attempt of a cute picture of me and the hubby, right?!




I hope your Sunday was filled with as much love as mine was!
XO Elisebeth

My Girls

This post is going to highlight the awesomeness of these two lovely ladies that stood up as my bridesmaids!

Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography

My sister, Katherine, was my maid of honor! She was an obvious pick, as any bride that has a sister could tell you. At first I was a little hesitant to pick her since she was in Green Bay while most of the planning process took place in Saint Paul. But I stuck with my gut, and I’m grateful I did! She threw a fabulous bridal shower for me, which we planned a lot of while my parents were in Guatemala. She also helped plan my bachelorette party (which I promise to tell you about soon)! She was my rock when any issues right before the wedding popped up and while Trevor was at work unable to communicate with me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her in the planning process.At the wedding itself, she killed her speech. I know she was incredibly nervous, but you honestly couldn’t tell. I nearly cried when she passed the role of late night talking buddy from herself to Trevor (and it brings me close to tears thinking about her toast now). Thanks for being the best sister I could ask for – even through the rough years. 😉


Trevor and I decided early on in the planning process to keep the wedding party small. My other bridesmaid was another obvious pick. Ana and I have been best friends for over six years now (trust me, Timehop told me just the other day). We went through the brutal and ugly years of high school together. She helped host my killer bridal shower and bachelorette party to0. I couldn’t have asked for a better bridesmaid on my big day, she’s been so supportive of everything. I am also super blessed to say that I get to stand up as a bridesmaid for her wedding this coming year! Who would have thought that the two of us would both be getting married so closely together and stand up in each others weddings!? She had been such a blessing to me on feedback on wedding details since she’s going through the same thing. Along with the perfect gift at the bridal shower, she also made me cry with the lovely card on our wedding date. Seriously though – I was bawling. I love you girly – come visit me SOON!


So something I greatly looked forward to after picking these two lovelies to stand up with me was getting to buy them presents! I love gifting things, it’s seriously the best. I began the buying process about a month before the wedding and slowly built up their presents with little things I saw. Here’s a breakdown of what their goody baskets contained:

  • Basket (to hold everything) – Target, $16.99
  • Wooden Hanger with name put in – I found someone through a Green Bay Area Resale group to make these for us, $10
  • Essie Nail Polish (Mademoiselle color) – Target, $8.49
  • Sleep Shorts (in black) – Target, $9.99
  • V Neck T Shirt (in lilac) – Wal-Mart, $4? I couldn’t find it on their website, but my biggest save on money is buying my v necks through Wal-Mart. They are decent quality and have great colors for a low price.
  • Lauren Conrad bracelet – Kohl’s, $12.99 They didn’t have the exact two I got for them, but similar here. We all love Lauren Conrad, so this was an obvious buy!

So the grand total for each of their gifts was approximately: $62.46. This was a little higher than the budget I had set, but I don’t think I could have given them a better gift honestly. Here are some pictures I snagged while they opened their gifts!

IMG_1211 IMG_1210 IMG_1208 IMG_1207 IMG_1204 IMG_1202 IMG_1197 IMG_1196 IMG_1195

These girls are the best! Love you both dearly!

My dad could be a pro photobomber! We had to snag a Snapchat at the end of the night!

Bridal Shower

I’m so sorry this post is so overdue! But better late than never, right? 

Last Sunday, July 12 my lovely bridesmaids and my mother hosted a bridal shower for me! It was held at my house that afternoon. I helped with a lot of the planning since Katherine was out of the country for several days leading up to it. 

Ana and I met for a planning meeting a little over a week in advance. I’m so blessed to have her in my wedding party! We always have a blast together!  

We came up with a hefty list of candy for the candy bar and my mom purchased most of it the next day. Here’s just some of the delicious goodies!

Enough for a decent cavity, eh? 

We set most of the bridal shower up the day before when I finished work a few hours earlier than scheduled. Katherine helped quite a bit with that thankfully!  

The week before I bought an awesome chalkboard at Home Depot! So I made this beautiful sign on there. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon about that process.  The flowers in the close up below were added after the original full sign picture was taken. 

Not only was there a candy bar, we also had a photo booth! Here are some of my favorite pictures from there:  

Ana, Katherine, Bekah, and Me
Trevor’s mom, Allison, & sister, Devon
Trevor’s sister, Cameron, & grandma, Judy
Trevor’s sisters, Devon & Cameron, & mom, Allison
Ana, Bekah, & Me

A good time was had by all! A lot of games were played like, Bridal Pictionary, Guess the Bride’s Age, and others!

To see more wedding pictures on Instagram, search the hashtag: #adventuresoftande  


This past year my roommate, Anna was selling Jamberry nail products. I had heard about them over the summer from a friend from CUW – so I looked more extensively through the products than I had over the summer.

I knew I wanted to figure out what to do with my nails for my upcoming wedding, so that’s what I went into the catalog with in mind.

I picked out an awesome pattern called Chantilly, which you can find on page 21 of their latest catalog. So I originally intended to wear these for the big day. But then I was talking with Ana about a week ago about manicures. I’ve never had one done and so I decided this is when I’m going to treat myself, now or never-right?!

But I had already bought my Jamberry nails-so what to do with them?! Well today I had my bridal shower (more details to come soon) – so last night the brilliant idea hit me to use my Jamberry nails for this event! It’s still wedding related and the nails worked perfectly with my dress. Last night I applied a nude color from Sephora as my underlayer and then applied my clear Jamberry nail! The result is fantastic, and I could not be happier!