Sweater Weather Day 3

And we’re off on Sweater Weather Day 3! Honestly, I’m loving sharing my favorite sweaters.

We’ll start again with my stack of sweaters. Today, we’ll be looking at the green sweater second from the top.


Shockingly enough, this is an Old Navy sweater, not a Cotton On Sweater. This is a sweater I stumbled on while browsing ON’s clearance racks and it was marked down to $8! I tried it on and couldn’t pass on it.


These top two photos don’t show the color very well. Below are some better closeups of the sweater to see the shade of green it is! Also, I have to rant about these glasses a little bit. I bought these online from Eye Buy Direct (they’re Moody style) last March I think. If you’re looking to buy a pair of glasses online, I definitely recommend Eye Buy Direct, they have a lot of great styles! This sweater I love to wear with a lacy bralette underneath because you can see it peak out on my shoulder. It just adds a little extra flare to one of my coziest outfits I own!


Sweater (slightly different style) similar style: Old Navy | Leggings: H&M | Glasses: Eye Buy Direct (they don’t carry Moody anymore!)

This outfit works with either boots or tennies, which is why it’s great for aweekend in or errands or even traveling! I may possibly be wearing this outfit to the airport this week…

XO Elisebeth


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