Tried it Thursday {Acorn Squash}

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you all. I just made it earlier this week and cannot wait to make it again soon!

Whether you’ve tried squash before or not, I suggest you give this recipe a go. It is super cheap and uses very few ingredients.

I bought our acorn squash at ALDI – they’re only 89 cents there! Trevor and I have begun shopping there to save some money. I compared the price to what it is at Target (where we used to buy our groceries) and they are sold for $1.89 there. So go buy your acorn squash at ALDI, I just bought more today!

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What you need:

  • a pan (13×9 suggested in original recipe)
  • water
  • acorn squash
  • butter
  • brown sugar (optional, but suggested 🙂 )

How to make Acorn Squash:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350F.
  2. Slice acorn squash in half and remove the seeds + pulp (kinda like a pumpkin!)
  3. Fill pan with about a half inch of water. Place squash halves in pan, like seen below.

*I suggest if the stem is long or curved to cut that off too. I did not do this and it caused issues later on.

4. Place pan in oven for 40-45 minutes.
5. Remove after time is done. 6. VERY CAREFULLY flip squash over. I used tongs because mine were so hot I nearly burned myself.
7. Put lots of butter in the hole of the squash. (See where that curved stem caused me some issues…) 8. Add brown sugar to the hole of the squash (optional).

9. Place back in oven for approximately 10 minutes.
10. Remove from oven and decide how you want to eat!

Two easy options for eating this tasty meal are straight from the squash skin, like shown below…
OR scooping all of the squash goodness into a bowl and mixing it all together!  I prefer the second method because I can mix in a little extra brown sugar.

See, I told you it’s an easy recipe! To see the original click HERE.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this recipe or feedback on how the recipe went for you, comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on this delicious meal.

XO Elisebeth


Tried it Thursday {Apple Chips}

Hey everyone,

I know I started these “Tried it Thursday” posts back this summer and have struggled to keep up with it, but I’m going to try to improve at that! As you can see, the blog has undergone a little transformation! Until I get A LOT of “Tried it Thursday” posts accomplished, I will just be posting them in their respective area. Eventually It’ll get its own spot in the header above.

Apple Chips

So I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest (who would have guessed). It is honestly the simplest recipe ever. Even if you’re not too great at cooking, you should give this a shot!

You may have seen a picture of the delicious finish product a few posts ago when I talked about fall break, so I’ll include that again at the bottom as some extra encouragement to give this recipe a try.

Step 1: Slice the apples – THIN!

Be very careful doing this – apples have a not so pleasant shape when it comes to slicing. Each slice needs to be super thin if you want your chips to be crispy + crunchy. They don’t taste bad if they’re on the thicker side, but they’re much better the thinner you can make them. The website (which I’ll link later) that I found this on suggested using a mandolin slicer. Unfortunately I do not have one, but I’d imagine that would do wonders for step 1.


Step 2: Coat apple slices in cinnamon sugar goodness.

Mix up some cinnamon and sugar together and throw your apple slices in! The suggestion from the other site said to sprinkle, but I love the intense flavor when I coated them well.


Step 3: Heat oven at 200F degrees (do this in advance if you don’t have a gas oven like me!!!).

Step 4: Lay apple slices on a cookie sheet.




Step 5: Bake the apple slices for about 1 hour, flip over all of the slices, bake them for another 1 or more.

Step 6: Turn off oven – but leave in the apple chips for another hour! This helps your chips reach their maximum crunchy potential.

Step 7: ENJOY.


To see the original website I used this recipe from, click HERE.

I would love to hear how your apple chips tasted as well as if you have any helpful hints or tricks to make them better!

XO Elisebeth

My College Necessities

Well Day 2 of my Junior Year of college is officially completed! All of my homework due for tomorrow is finally finished. I had quite the hard time today (i’ll explain later in this post).

I can tell I am in for an interesting semester. As I’ve said before (i think), I’m taking 8 classes this semester. That’s 21 credits! Professors keep asking how many credits people are taking…I never actually answer because I know I’ll be told I’m insane. Which I sometimes think I have taken a dive in the deep end for doing this to myself.

So far this semester, I have learned so much. I have learned the importance of time management, friends, real food, caffeine, and books. So, let’s begin at square one: time management.

Since I’m taking so many classes, I made sure to buy myself a planner that would let me efficiently plan out when I would do homework. At Target I found this super awesome BlueSky planner, sadly I couldn’t find it online to link you. But go look at their planners! They’re great. Mine is a Day Designer. It has hours for each day laid out, an inspirational quote in the upper lefthand corner, areas to jot down notes, and places for your “top 3” things to get done for the day. Talk about my kind of planner! So tonight I spent over three hours working on my homework for Church History (i’ve never spent that much time in one night on homework before). Thanks to my lovely planner, I was able to space it out well between my classes!

Next on the list: friends. I’m living with my hubby (obvi) this year, instead of in a dorm on campus with roommates. At first I was uber excited about not living in a dorm, but to be 100% honest, I do kinda miss it. I miss my Holst 106 girlies! Shout out to y’all! Thankfully, my schedule has a lot of time between classes, so I see them regularly due to that. I also have three of my four night classes with Katrina, and two of my four night classes with Katie! So I get to see the two of them due to class! I also have one class with Sarah (sadly not a 106 roomie). We’ve also begun planning our wine nights! I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am for them..

Real food. Why is real underline? Food is food. Real food is what you need when you need some good, actual nourishment. All of you college kids reading this know what I’m talking about. It’s when you go home and have a home cooked meal! It’s weird for me now because I have to make that real food. But dang, does it make me so much more motivated to do homework and get stuff done! Tonight for dinner, Trevor and I had Swedish meatballs with cream sauce from IKEA. It was such a solid meal – I look forward to our next meal with them.

Caffeine is your best friend in college. Like, no joke. Currently the only caffeine in our apartment is kinda nasty instant coffee from Starbucks, a variety of tea, and Coke. I miss having a meal plan where I could buy myself Caribou every morning before class!!! I just want a delicious, warm, tasty Chai tea latte. (if you love me, you’ll buy me one….) Anywho, my drink choice tonight to finish my homework was Coke. I better go brush my teeth now….

Finally, books. So as many of you know, books are expensive in college. It’s ridiculous. I found this cheap site to buy through – Half Price Books. I have ordered through them before and not had any issues. So I purchased one of my textbooks through them. The one way they really get you is shipping costs. I chose the cheapest option, standard shipping. It told me it would take 4-14 days to arrive. I figured it’d be closer to the 4. Now in my Church History class, I didn’t think we’d actually get a legit in depth reading assignment the first day of class. Boy was I wrong. So today I’ve been running around like crazy trying to obtain a copy of the book to successfully complete my homework. I did eventually get one. But now I’m sitting here at almost 11 pm telling you all about this. Had my book come right at 4 days, I’d be asleep by now.

And that brings me to my actual final necessity of mine: sleep.

XO Elisebeth