To My Ladies

There’s nothing more thought-provoking or shocking than having your final Ladies Christmas Party with your dear college friends. I may have only known these ladies for three (or less) years, but dang I would not have traded their friendships for anything. Realizing that life is about to get so very real and less centered around memories with them is kind of hard to swallow and realize and put into words.

I’m so thankful for the love I’ve received from these ladies. The support they’ve given to me has been beyond amazing and I know God has fantastic plans for each of them, even if they’re unclear now. I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold and see how God uses you. Let’s not become strangers as we move apart and graduate. Let’s grow closer as sisters of Christ and stay in touch. Let’s let ourselves grow closer together (especially as our families grow). Let’s continue to inspire and share with one another.
I love you, ladies.

XO Elisebeth



WOW! You guys, it’s already March?! How is that possible?

I honestly cannot believe we are already so far into 2016, it is bizarre to me.

My March has a lot to look forward to! I have a nice 10 day long Easter Break, I am planning on beginning a new hobby (more details to come…), am hoping to get a few more photo clients, and will finish the toddler room for practicum (this week!!!) and will begin the preschool room!

School has been so crazy busy lately. It’s midterms and all the projects are beginning. As much as I love learning, I wish teachers planned their schedules differently even though I know it isn’t often possible. I promise I will start posting a few more structured posts soon, Easter Break will certainly help with those!

This past weekend I got a nice break from school and my normal work schedule. Trevor and a few friends of mine and myself went to the casino to officially celebrate my birthday! We enjoyed slots and hit up the bar! I ordered my first legal alcoholic beverage! I had pink Kinky with Sprite. We were a little lost on what we should order since the menu listed a lot of alcoholic beverages we had never heard of before, so the loveliest bartender helped us out. Seriously, we would have been lost without her.

So cheers to the start of March!

The girls + me

XO Elisebeth

Homecoming 2015

This past weekend Concordia celebrated Homecoming!

I am so thankful I asked for the day off from work to spend some time with my friends and have some fun. It was a blast!

Concordia throws this awesome carnival that starts toward the end of the Homecoming football game. So Sarah and I went to watch football during the second quarter. Eventually Katrina joined us and we headed to the carnival area.

With your student ID if you’re a current student, you get in for free! So it’s free rides + food + petting zoo! It was a blast! I can only imagine how many calories I consumed… Seriously, I ate a lot.

These ladies are the best.



Psst… I have some good news coming soon (hopefully) regarding my job situation!

XO Elisebeth

My College Necessities

Well Day 2 of my Junior Year of college is officially completed! All of my homework due for tomorrow is finally finished. I had quite the hard time today (i’ll explain later in this post).

I can tell I am in for an interesting semester. As I’ve said before (i think), I’m taking 8 classes this semester. That’s 21 credits! Professors keep asking how many credits people are taking…I never actually answer because I know I’ll be told I’m insane. Which I sometimes think I have taken a dive in the deep end for doing this to myself.

So far this semester, I have learned so much. I have learned the importance of time management, friends, real food, caffeine, and books. So, let’s begin at square one: time management.

Since I’m taking so many classes, I made sure to buy myself a planner that would let me efficiently plan out when I would do homework. At Target I found this super awesome BlueSky planner, sadly I couldn’t find it online to link you. But go look at their planners! They’re great. Mine is a Day Designer. It has hours for each day laid out, an inspirational quote in the upper lefthand corner, areas to jot down notes, and places for your “top 3” things to get done for the day. Talk about my kind of planner! So tonight I spent over three hours working on my homework for Church History (i’ve never spent that much time in one night on homework before). Thanks to my lovely planner, I was able to space it out well between my classes!

Next on the list: friends. I’m living with my hubby (obvi) this year, instead of in a dorm on campus with roommates. At first I was uber excited about not living in a dorm, but to be 100% honest, I do kinda miss it. I miss my Holst 106 girlies! Shout out to y’all! Thankfully, my schedule has a lot of time between classes, so I see them regularly due to that. I also have three of my four night classes with Katrina, and two of my four night classes with Katie! So I get to see the two of them due to class! I also have one class with Sarah (sadly not a 106 roomie). We’ve also begun planning our wine nights! I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am for them..

Real food. Why is real underline? Food is food. Real food is what you need when you need some good, actual nourishment. All of you college kids reading this know what I’m talking about. It’s when you go home and have a home cooked meal! It’s weird for me now because I have to make that real food. But dang, does it make me so much more motivated to do homework and get stuff done! Tonight for dinner, Trevor and I had Swedish meatballs with cream sauce from IKEA. It was such a solid meal – I look forward to our next meal with them.

Caffeine is your best friend in college. Like, no joke. Currently the only caffeine in our apartment is kinda nasty instant coffee from Starbucks, a variety of tea, and Coke. I miss having a meal plan where I could buy myself Caribou every morning before class!!! I just want a delicious, warm, tasty Chai tea latte. (if you love me, you’ll buy me one….) Anywho, my drink choice tonight to finish my homework was Coke. I better go brush my teeth now….

Finally, books. So as many of you know, books are expensive in college. It’s ridiculous. I found this cheap site to buy through – Half Price Books. I have ordered through them before and not had any issues. So I purchased one of my textbooks through them. The one way they really get you is shipping costs. I chose the cheapest option, standard shipping. It told me it would take 4-14 days to arrive. I figured it’d be closer to the 4. Now in my Church History class, I didn’t think we’d actually get a legit in depth reading assignment the first day of class. Boy was I wrong. So today I’ve been running around like crazy trying to obtain a copy of the book to successfully complete my homework. I did eventually get one. But now I’m sitting here at almost 11 pm telling you all about this. Had my book come right at 4 days, I’d be asleep by now.

And that brings me to my actual final necessity of mine: sleep.

XO Elisebeth