Meet Elisebeth

Hello, I am Elisebeth!

Welcome to my blog. Here you can read about the latest happenings in my life. I have struggled a lot in the past with pessimism and this drove me to a lot of dark places in my life.

But lately, I have been working on a positive attitude-and I hope to spread this joy through my blog. I also hope that this blog may offer others who are dealing with struggles and that it may be a beacon of hope for many.

A little more about me, I am currently attending school in Saint Paul, MN. I am from Green Bay, WI (kind of) and visit whenever I get the chance. I moved around quite a bit while growing up, so I have not always been a Packers fan-but you wouldn’t guess that now! I am married to an awesome, God-loving, and wonderful man: Trevor. We got married in August 2015 and have moved our lives to Saint Paul for the remainder of our schooling. He graduated in May from McNally Smith College of Music. I have one semester left of student teaching, so I will graduate in December 2016 from Concordia University.

Trevor got me started in photography, which I have grown to love. In addition to photography, I also love to read, worship my Savior, embroider, drink chai lattes, and hang out with my friends.

Feel free to also visit my photo blog, where you can see some of my personal work in my favorite hobby:

To view some of my embroidery work, you can visit my Etsy shop:

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