Date Night 4 of 2017: Photos

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

February, Trevor and I only hit one of our two date nights, so we’re going to hit THREE in March. This past weekend we did our make up date night as a day trip down to Madison area. We got up really early (it was Daylight Savings….) and headed to church where my Dad is a pastor. It was nice to see my family again, even if for a short bit. We got lunch at an old barn after church and hung out for a bit before Trevor and I had to get going.

We met up with Janae of Westrum Photographs for a session at Devils Lake State Park. We hiked (and were out of breath), saw some amazing views, and had soo many laughs. Trev & I aren’t super in love with our engagement or wedding photos, so this couples session meant SO much to us.

Honestly, the results are breathtaking. It took me twenty minutes to pick one to be my new Facebook profile picture because I freaking love all of them. Here are some of my (many, many, many) favorites.

I am oh so thankful for this session and to Janae for drawing my name out of the random giveaway I entered. I just keep looking through the pictures again and again and again.

I cannot wait to share more of the photos on my Instagram (go follow to see more): @mrselisebethrodriguez! I also cannot wait to continue sharing our Date Nights of 2017 with you all!

XO Elisebeth


50 Reasons I’m Thankful for Trevor

One of my favorite websites, which offers awesome marriage advice, Beating 50 Percent, offered a Thanksgiving challenge (see here) and while I’m a day late, I’m happy to complete it.

50 Reasons I’m Thankful for Trevor

  1. I am thankful for his leadership in our home life.
  2. I am thankful for his passion of music.
  3. I am thankful for his ability to teach me about photography and videography.
  4. I am thankful for his work ethic and hardworking nature.
  5. I am thankful for how he can make me laugh (even when I’m trying to be serious).
  6. I am thankful for his willingness to clean at home.
  7. I am thankful for his creativity.
  8. I am thankful for his reassuring pep talks when I am feeling down.
  9. I am thankful that he’s a good plant daddy.
  10. I am thankful that he asks me for wardrobe advice.
  11. I am thankful that he loves worshiping our Savior.
  12. I am thankful that he makes delicious burritos.
  13. I am thankful that he pursues everything wholeheartedly.
  14. I am thankful for the amazing back rubs he gives.
  15. I am thankful that he understands I need alone time sometimes.
  16. I am thankful that he likes to watch Netflix with me.
  17. I am thankful that he is willing to drive in the snow and rain.
  18. I am thankful that he wears my favorite scent of Old Spice deodorant.
  19. I am thankful that he is willing to admit when he is wrong or unsure.
  20. I am thankful that he wants to share about his day with me.
  21. I am thankful that he doesn’t wear his hair as long as he did in high school.
  22. I am thankful that he prays for me.
  23. I am thankful that he encourages me in my lesson planning.
  24. I am thankful that he eases my anxiety.
  25. I am thankful that he has introduced me to so many great bands.
  26. I am thankful that he gives me the best hugs ever.
  27. I am thankful that he encourages me to be creative.
  28. I am thankful that he loves candles that crackle when they burn.
  29. I am thankful that he loves my family.
  30. I am thankful that he’s willing to try new food that I make or buy.
  31. I am thankful that he interacts well with children.
  32. I am thankful for his optimism.
  33. I am thankful for his amazing, dark eyes.
  34. I am thankful that he puts up with my moodiness.
  35. I am thankful for the large amounts of confetti cake he likes to eat.
  36. I am thankful that he turns the heated blanket on when I’m in the shower so that it’s already warm for when I’m done.
  37. I am thankful for his spontaneity.
  38. I am thankful for “that face” 🙂
  39. I am thankful for his forgiveness.
  40. I am thankful for the adventures he has planned for us.
  41. I am thankful for his budgeting abilities.
  42. I am thankful that he makes me feel beautiful.
  43. I am thankful that he listens (most of the time).
  44. I am thankful that he understands so much about technology.
  45. I am thankful for his willingness to change.
  46. I am thankful for his laugh.
  47. I am thankful for his cuddles and burrowing.
  48. I am thankful for that he is my best friend.
  49. I am thankful that he makes normal errands fun.
  50. I am thankful that he loves me so very much.


Growing Up

Today I had one of those weird moments where you realize you’re an adult. I was reading my friend’s blog and it just kind of hit me.

She’s in nursing school and it made me realize that we’re all finishing up college already. It’s been hitting me a lot lately that I will be doing my student teaching next semester, but to see my peers going through similarly exciting and important parts of their academic programs really hit home the point. We’re growing up. Some of us have grown up already. I may still be in school, but I am married. My best friend is getting married in less than two months. I have several friends who have children already. WHAT!? When did all of this happen? And how did it happen so quickly?

I recently came across a large document of information regarding the call process that I will be going through in a few months. For those of you outside of the Lutheran circle, the call process is a placement process for teachers, pastors, DCEs, and DCOs (I think there are a few others too, but I cannot think of them off the top of my head). For me, as I am getting my minor in Lutheran Theology at an LCMS school, I will receive a call to an LCMS school. While I have grown up within this process and gained a lot of firsthand experience with it, there were still many questions I have had. This document answered pretty much answered all of it. It has me beyond excited to begin filling out paperwork (my first meeting will be sometime after Easter!!) and get the wheels turning. This has really hit home the whole growing up idea, too.

I have really been into the “On This Day” feature on Facebook lately. This is partially due to my love of reminiscing, but also because it’s crazy to realize how long ago some of those oh-so-important high school memories were. Like, wow, it’s been almost three years since I graduated from high school. My baby sister graduates in May!

I am just dumbfounded by everything that has happened in my life and how wonderfully well God has established my path. Please keep Trevor and me in your prayers as the call process begins as well as for our schedules. We keep getting busier and it’s becoming reality that we need to actually plan dates.

Remember kids, don’t grow up too fast. You’ll be there before you know it.
XO Elisebeth

Christmas 2015

This Christmas was mine and Trevor’s first married Christmas! (I still cannot believe we have been married for almost five months already…)

We both were used to different Christmas traditions from our family’s growing up, so we had to clash our previous Christmases. This would have been more difficult had we stayed in Minnesota for break, but I am actually writing this from his parents’ home in Green Bay.

The two of us celebrated our Christmas on the evening of December 23. This was a huge tribute to my family’s tradition of opening gifts on December 24 after Christmas Eve church. We also wanted to do our own “private” Christmas on our own to exchange our gifts to one another. This was really the only time for us to do this since we will be in Green Bay until just before spring semester begins.

Opening gifts and stockings was a blast. However, it goes by super quickly when it’s just the two of you. I got Trevor The 1975 vinyl and the first expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. He got me the necessary items to develop my own film using the C-41 process! I am so excited to work through my three rolls he also gifted to me! We ended the evening by playing Minecraft for about three and a half hours…yes, I have officially begun nerding at a whole new level.

The next morning (12/24) we packed up and drove off to Green Bay (almost an hour behind schedule). When our journey finally came to an end, we unpacked everything and headed to Christmas Eve church shortly after arrival.

This Christmas was my first real “Christmas morning experience”. The girls were all up by about 9 am and Trevor wanted to sleep another hour (at least), but I made him get up for the sake of his sisters. From Trevor’s family we got Doctor Who Yahtzee, a delicious smelling three-wick candle, calligraphy pens, cash, and a picture frame made by his sister in tech ed. It was a lovely day filled with food, family, and fun! His family was gifted Telestrations. At first I thought it sounded rather lame – but man was I wrong! It’s like the games Telephone and Pictionary meshed together and it is fantastic!

I have always loved Christmas, and this one was certainly one for the books. The weirdest part about it though was easily that it was GREEN. Green Bay has no snow yet, it’s unbelievable. We’re supposed to get a good winter storm the next few days. How inconvenient as Tuesday, Trevor and I are supposed to drive to my parents house in central Wisconsin.

Well, today has been a crazy busy day. I have been surrounded by a lot of people I love and two awesome events focused around love! I’ll fill you all in tomorrow about today and all of its wonderfulness.
XO Elisebeth

Thanksgiving 2015

Hello everyone! I know it has been wayyyy too long since I last posted. My sincerest apologies. A lot has happened since my last post so let me fill you all in.

The main happenings was Thanksgiving break. I had a full week off from classes, which was absolutely wonderful! I started my break off at the Minnesota Timberwolves v Detroit Pistons game at the Target Center with Sarah. It was my first NBA game and she hooked me up! We had second row seats. Yes, you read that correctly. It was absolutely fabulous and I am so glad I was able to go and wasn’t stuck at Noodles for the night.

Kevin Garnett – my childhood sports idol

Seriously – it was a blast. Truly the perfect way to start break!

Saturday and Sunday were average days for me. I worked at Noodles and chilled after I got home.

Monday and Tuesday I spent my days at an elementary school for hours for a class. It was an awesome school to be at and I miss those kiddos today! I hope I can find some time over future breaks to go back and visit them all.

Wednesday I spent the evening cleaning our apartment. It definitely needed it. I am so thankful that I was able to get it all done – the place looks a thousand times better! Trevor and I also went to IKEA early on Wednesday. We needed to start accumulating a few things for Christmas gifts, and IKEA had the cheapest prices for what we wanted to purchase. We also bought a CHRISTMAS TREE! I may have had to pout for it, but I am not ashamed. It is the perfect tree and makes me happier than I thought possible whenever I walk into our living room. After Trevor got home from work that evening we set it up and got some lights on it!


I just love this tree – don’t you? I’m sure we’ll be posting plenty more pictures as the season progresses.

Thursday was our first Thanksgiving! Neither of us really likes turkey much so we had chicken. We made stuffing out of a box, the chicken was precooked, and had gravy from a packet, BUT our mashed potatoes were homemade. MMMM were they good! We have plenty of leftovers, but that’s okay, no complaints of a lack of food now!
After dinner we headed to Mall of America for some good ole shopping! Yes, we shop on Thanksgiving.
I bought some new khakis from Old Navy, a sweater and scarf from Cotton On, and a dress for Ana’s wedding from Garage! I could have bought sooo much more. Trevor bought a sweater and undershirt from Cotton On and shoes from Puma (maybe something else too?). Once we got home we enjoyed the evening together and just kind of hung out.

Friday morning we headed back to Mall of America to hit up H&M which had been closed the night before. They had a DJ playing and it was such an awesome vibe going on. Trevor picked up three button ups and then we headed to Eau Claire to pick up Justin. After that we made our way back to Green Bay. I’ll be honest – it was extremely weird being back. It’s also super weird because my parents don’t live in GB anymore. That evening we went to Tommy 13. It’s a benefit concert that is an awesome opportunity for youth in the Green Bay community. The music is fantastic! Trevor and I took pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Consult the Briefcase – Andy Klaus
Annex – Ben Boncher
Annex – Paul Hanna

Spending some time in Green Bay was great. We stayed over at Trevor’s family’s home and enjoyed the last few days of our break. I was also fortunate enough to meet up with Bekah at Starbucks to visit our favorite barista, Rae! I can only imagine how many of these encounters will be happening over winter break when I’m in Green Bay for much longer!

XO Elisebeth