Tried it Thursday {Oatmeal + Honey Face Mask}

Hey everybody – it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a DIY post and I thought it was about time I get back in the game.

So today, I’m sharing a face mask recipe I tried from Somewhat Simple – Oatmeal and Honey Facial Mask

I decided on this recipe because it had ingredients I had at home and didn’t require anything too farfetched.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (make sure it is pure honey, not containing any other sweeteners)


How to:

Heat all four ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat for about 5 or 6 minutes. Make sure to stir frequently to prevent the bottom from sticking.


Remove mixture from heat and allow to cool – I placed mine in the fridge to speed this up a bit.

Massage a thick layer of honey into your face. Apply mask. Use upward strokes, for better coverage.

Lie down for 10 to 15 minutes.


Use warm water and a wash rag to remove!

After my own experience doing this face mask, I’m not too impressed. The oatmeal mixture was extremely runny – even when following the directions. This made it extremely difficult to apply.

This also claims to be great for moisturizing your skin. While this cannot always be measurable immediately, I wasn’t very impressed in this area either. My skin doesn’t feel much smoother, I’ve definitely tried other DIY recipes with better immediate results. But we’ll see if there are any further improvements for moisturizing.

I would love to hear your personal opinions of the face mask if you give it a try or ways to improve the recipe for better results!
XO Elisebeth

Jones Design Company

I am a major fan of graphic design. I am super excited for my husband and I to be getting a Wacom Intuos4 tablet once we get back to Green Bay. I cannot wait to use this tablet to further my graphic design and take my creativity to the next step!

I came across Jones Design Company a few months ago on Pinterest. I clicked through the pin to the site and instantly fell in love!

If you are looking for a website that is well designed, easy to use, and has loads of information – this is the place to be!
Tutorials are all very well organized and are visually pleasing, just look below if you do not believe me!


Emily’s website is focused around home decor, fashion finds, and DIY projects. She also has TONS of freebies! I have printed off many of her free printable options. I personally love her Christmas tags and cannot wait to adorn my Christmas gifts with them!
She also offers graphic design and blogging classes. I have not participated in any of these yet, but am hoping to eventually.

Someday, I hope to have this blog running as beautifully as Jones Design Company. Maybe my new Wacom tablet will help me achieve this goal? Thanks, Emily, for all of your beautiful products and the time you have spent to put together a fabulous product!

Have any go – to websites like Jones Design Company? I would love to hear! Comment below and I’ll check them out.

XO Elisebeth

Tried it Thursday {Apple Chips}

Hey everyone,

I know I started these “Tried it Thursday” posts back this summer and have struggled to keep up with it, but I’m going to try to improve at that! As you can see, the blog has undergone a little transformation! Until I get A LOT of “Tried it Thursday” posts accomplished, I will just be posting them in their respective area. Eventually It’ll get its own spot in the header above.

Apple Chips

So I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest (who would have guessed). It is honestly the simplest recipe ever. Even if you’re not too great at cooking, you should give this a shot!

You may have seen a picture of the delicious finish product a few posts ago when I talked about fall break, so I’ll include that again at the bottom as some extra encouragement to give this recipe a try.

Step 1: Slice the apples – THIN!

Be very careful doing this – apples have a not so pleasant shape when it comes to slicing. Each slice needs to be super thin if you want your chips to be crispy + crunchy. They don’t taste bad if they’re on the thicker side, but they’re much better the thinner you can make them. The website (which I’ll link later) that I found this on suggested using a mandolin slicer. Unfortunately I do not have one, but I’d imagine that would do wonders for step 1.


Step 2: Coat apple slices in cinnamon sugar goodness.

Mix up some cinnamon and sugar together and throw your apple slices in! The suggestion from the other site said to sprinkle, but I love the intense flavor when I coated them well.


Step 3: Heat oven at 200F degrees (do this in advance if you don’t have a gas oven like me!!!).

Step 4: Lay apple slices on a cookie sheet.




Step 5: Bake the apple slices for about 1 hour, flip over all of the slices, bake them for another 1 or more.

Step 6: Turn off oven – but leave in the apple chips for another hour! This helps your chips reach their maximum crunchy potential.

Step 7: ENJOY.


To see the original website I used this recipe from, click HERE.

I would love to hear how your apple chips tasted as well as if you have any helpful hints or tricks to make them better!

XO Elisebeth


You guys! This is my 50th post using WordPress as my host site for my blog – I must say I have really grown to love it, even more than I had imagined!

So I still need to write up a post with pictures of our lovely apartment, but you will all see a little sneak peek of the place in today’s post!

My parents were the absolute best. For our wedding present from them, they took us to IKEA and bought us some furniture for our place. We had discussed with them in advance that we would probably get a couch at that time, since we didn’t have any living room furniture except a coffee table.

When we first got off the escalator into my all time favorite home store – the living room area was spotted. We tried out about fifteen different couches and joked about how it better be long enough to be able to sleep on. We finally found the perfect couch – eventually.

My parents, Trevor, Christian, and I continued to browse IKEA, because why not?! My parents asked us if we had all of our basics for our place. We mentioned we planned to buy a microwave soon, since we don’t have one. So my parents asked an employee if they have any stand alone microwaves. My mom had looked online briefly and saw built ins, which is all they sell unfortunately for us. My parents then proposed that they buy us a kitchen table and chairs instead of a microwave! Honestly, I was kind of shocked. We found an awesome table with fold out sides, and adorable chairs to go with it.

After getting home, the guys hauled up all of the big pieces. My parents wished us luck on putting together the furniture and took off.

We didn’t get to any building of furniture until the next day, after we had taken care of most of my boxes. Trevor began working on our kitchen table so we could have somewhere to eat dinner that evening. While he did that I put my millions of boxes of clothes on hangers, shelves, and in drawers.


I helped him out a bit on different parts of the table, because some of those spots were hard to get screws into. But he did a majority of the work all by himself. He’s such a good handyman! Thank goodness we got a tool kit as a wedding present!


The drawer on the front is so cute and looks great in our little kitchen!


And here’s the beautiful finished table and chairs! It looks perfect in our kitchen! It has also been highlighted in a few of Trevor’s Instagram posts – check out his feed here.

The final project was our fantastic couch. We estimated the project would take us about 2 hours, but I think we got done in less than that. It was much simpler than we had anticipated, thankfully!

IMG_1226 IMG_1228

Here is the beautiful finished product!


I love our little apartment – it has certainly become home for us! I cannot wait to show you guys more about our place soon! I’ll be pulling out the DSLR soon and snapping some shots to share on here for sure. You can also see a few pictures of the space on my Instagram here.

Tried it Thursday {Escort Cards}

I am currently in (what I deemed) the details phase of wedding planning. The big day is only 24 days away! So at this point I am solidifying previous ideas and making a lot of purchases at craft stores. In fact – earlier this week I was out buying materials for about 4 hours!

Last week I followed someone else’s DIY project and let you all know how it went. I was planning on doing that this week as well, but I am going to save that for next week, so instead you all get to read about my own DIY experience!

I got the idea to do jam jars with various flavors as my wedding favors from a wedding I went to last October. While I have yet to actually use the jam – I think the idea is perfect! My grandma is a jam expert and volunteered to make some for me. She asked me for what types Trevor and I wanted and all I told her was strawberry – so we’ll see if she sticks to that or decides to add more (sometimes she just does what she wants…).

Anyway. I was thinking about how I can make sure that each person takes a jam so there aren’t a hundred left over jams. Of course! Put their names on it! So I am using my jams as escort cards. Which brings us to today’s DIY: escort cards.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been buying a lot of items from craft stores lately – this particular purchase came from Hobby Lobby. I bought three packs of large circle blank designer tags. Unfortunately they don’t appear to sell the exact ones I bought online, but here is a picture of one of my packages.


I bought two packs of the craft paper kind and one pack of plain white. They were $1.99 each so the purchase was $5.97 + tax.

The great thing about this project is that is all you need! So one simple purchase at Hobby Lobby and you’re ready to go.

I first emptied out my three packets into piles. This was just because I prefer to be organized and get things done efficiently. Honestly you could have them all spread out if you want. Below is a picture of my set up. The lowest pile is my completed pile.


I found my best “flowy” pen. I have been practicing “fake calligraphy” as of late. So basically just fancy cursive. This type of handwriting is how I addressed all of the wedding invitations, and I wanted to carry that through to the rest of the paper products. Here is a step by step look through pictures at writing out the escort tags.

Escort Card

As you can see – it’s a very simple + easy process! I love how these are all turning out and cannot wait to see the finished products on the jam jars! I will post pictures of those once that happens.

Happy Crafting!
xo Elisebeth