Last Day of College

Today is my last day of college. WHAT.

I guess I shouldn’t feel as surprised as I do, I’ve been planning to be done a semester early for quite a while…but still, I cannot believe it.

I finished my BA in three and a half years. It’s a four-year degree that I worked my bum off for to complete early. A year at CUW and two and a half years at CSP… Mono.. Finals.. Countless hours studying or writing lesson plans.. Getting engaged and married.. Commuting.. Living on campus.. Meal plans.. Pet fish.. Coffee.. The list of college moments goes on and on.

I am so thankful on this last day as I reflect on my college career.

XO Elisebeth

To My Ladies

There’s nothing more thought-provoking or shocking than having your final Ladies Christmas Party with your dear college friends. I may have only known these ladies for three (or less) years, but dang I would not have traded their friendships for anything. Realizing that life is about to get so very real and less centered around memories with them is kind of hard to swallow and realize and put into words.

I’m so thankful for the love I’ve received from these ladies. The support they’ve given to me has been beyond amazing and I know God has fantastic plans for each of them, even if they’re unclear now. I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold and see how God uses you. Let’s not become strangers as we move apart and graduate. Let’s grow closer as sisters of Christ and stay in touch. Let’s let ourselves grow closer together (especially as our families grow). Let’s continue to inspire and share with one another.
I love you, ladies.

XO Elisebeth

Almost Done

I only have two weeks of Student Teaching left.
I graduate from college in less than three weeks.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing after. I always assumed that since I’m going into Lutheran education, I would be moving right away after college to wherever I had taken a call to. Here I am, beginning of December with no call, not even an interview for a call.

Last week I had two interviews. I’ve been offered a job. I’m not sure if I’ll take it. There’s a lot of thinking and praying to do about it yet, but at this point I’m just not sure.

I never thought I’d be so unsure after finishing college.

I have loved every second of student teaching. And I’m so excited to someday have a classroom of my own, I just was hoping it’d be closer in time to when I finished student teaching.

Everyone keeps me asking what my favorite grade has been or what grade I absolutely want to teach. And I had been hoping that student teaching would reveal that for me and it honestly hasn’t. It’s just made me certain that I love teaching.

Keep Trevor and me in your prayers as there’s a lot of unknown right now.
XO Elisebeth


This Friday my edTPA is due.

edTPA is the pinnacle of your education career and induces a lot of stress. The procedures and requirements are crazy even though the general concept is not. Basically, you have to video yourself teaching a couple of lessons and write about a 30+ page paper on why you planned what you did, why you taught how you did, why you assessed how you did, etc. You focus in on two students in addition to the whole class and write on how you were able to assess them and their needs, provide feedback, and so on.

As my professors and peers say, it’s all good teaching. Everything you do for edTPA is good teaching, most of it comes naturally to be honest. The hard part is the writing your thoughts out perfectly so someone else can essentially read your mind.

This Friday I will regain my life. I’ve put so much time and effort into this project. I cannot wait to finally hit submit!

Extra prayers for me for the rest of this week would be appreciated as I put on the finishing touches…
XO Elisebeth

P.S. – SO proud of Trev and his new job! So send up some praise for that too!

Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello Third Grade

Want to feel extremely popular and famous?
Leave the kindergarteners you’ve closely worked with (for 10 weeks) and go up to the third grade. Work with a few of their older sisters for half a day. Enter lunch room with third graders. Be approached and hollered for like you’re a superstar by your previous kindergarteners.

Seriously. This week has been all kinds of emotions.

I’ve gone from working with a bunch of energetic and extremely loving 5 year olds to working with a bunch of super smart, more controlled, semi-dramatic, 8 year olds. For those of you not in education, it may not seem like much of a difference..What’s three years? But wow! My new kiddos are learning multiplication, whereas the kindergarteners I was just working with are just now learning about the numbers 6 to 10. It’s insane what kids learn in a matter of three years.

My first day in third grade I was like NO WAY. These kids are learning big kid things. They don’t have to be accompanied to the bathroom. They know how to stand in a straight line quietly. They know how to write sentences. These kids are too intelligent for me to teach.

Days two, three, and four have adjusted me well though. I’m excited to start teaching Math and Reading next week and to take on even more responsibilities within the classroom. My CT is super great and has helped in the transition. Also, tomorrow we have a field trip!

Here’s to a successful and insightful rest of my time in Third Grade!
XO Elisebeth

P.S. I graduate from college next month. WHAT?!