The Start of Summer 2017


I am here to finally write a post other than those from my “Date Nights” series! While I super love sharing our love with y’all, I’m sure it gets annoying reading basically the same thing over + over + over again. So here we are… a post that is not directly about our Date Nights.

It is freaking summer already.

How did this happen?

Wasn’t it just snowing and we were complaining about subzero temps?

Here in Minnesota, the heat got turned to HIGH really fast this year. I’m all for warm weather + a chance for a good tan, but it’s gotten a bit too hot for my general liking. Last weekend Trevor + I walked around at Grand Old Day since we live a few blocks away + I got a little pink in the shoulders, which has now transitioned to the first tan of the season! Now to work on my pasty legs a bit…

Anywho, summer is off to the most wonderful of starts! Earlier this week we finally booked our plane tickets AND hotel room for PORTLAND. I cannot wait! I repeat, we’re going to Portland. In July. For almost a week. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

(Here’s the part that kind of drifts back to “Date Nights” series territory)

Trev + I have always had this plan to travel as much as possible, thus our upcoming trips to both Europe + Portland for this summer. We’ve both made it a priority so far to do one good vacation together each summer (last year we did DC + NYC) + I hope this continues as our marriage progresses. June’s Date Nights will be our trip as a whole as we spend time exploring together + doing some kinda pricey things. We’ve saved so much money on both of our trips that we’re able to spoil ourselves a bit in both trips + I am so beyond excited for them.

So that’s the start of my 2017 summer! I’m hoping to have a lot to share about Europe after we get back, but also no promises because sometimes I super suck about this whole blogging thing….

Praying your summers are off to an equally wonderful start!
XO Elisebeth

Date Night 9 of 2017: The 1975

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites!

This date has probably been my fave so far. Despite being kinda sick and not having a voice we went and saw our mutually favorite band: The 1975. It was our 3rd time seeing them, and Sarah came along this time. They put on one dang good show, and always have. Also, the tradition remains of me crying when Robbers is sung.

Probably the craziest part of the whole night was the drive there! We got caught in torrential down pours on our drive! Literally people were stopping on the highway because you couldn’t see in front of you. We stayed under an overpass for a bit when it started hailing. We also drove through a ginormous flooded area to try to get to a parking ramp. Never in my life have I been more grateful for the skyways in Saint Paul!

Enjoy these low-quality iPhone pictures primarily from Snapchat 😂


My honey being as unenthusiastic as possible.



Also, if you’ve never listened to The 1975 – GO DO IT.
XO Elisebeth

Date Night 8 of 2017: Shopping & GG2

WOW I have been absolutely terrible about blogging. I’M SO SORRY. These next few weeks I’m hoping to bring some more consistency!

We have still been sticking with our date nights as our goal!

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

At the beginning of May (just like our last date in April), we intended to go to Como Zoo but it was CRAZY busy. So instead we went to some outlet shops & saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2! It’s been a long time since we saw a movie, so it was nice to do that again and with a movie we both wanted to see, which rarely ever happens!

One of our main goals with our shopping trip was to buy some Nikes for us to go to EUROPE in! So we pulled the trigger and bought a pair each. We ended up getting matching pairs (#cute) – Nike Free RN 🙂


SO glad we bought these shoes, they’re the comfiest ever. I cannot wait to walk in Europe with these and with my honey next month!
XO Elisebeth

Date Night 7 of 2017: Cooking

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

On the very last day of April, we squeezed in one last date. We were hoping to go to Como Zoo, but it ended up being so rainy that when we got home from church, we just decided to keep it a day in. We made our favorite dinner together: these amazing ham & cheese roll ups. We make them at least once a month. They are SO easy and last for multiple meals. We also made puppy chow, which is one of our favorite dessert/snacks! I may not have any photos of us making the food together, it was oh so special for us to cook together. These simple tasks, cooking or cleaning together, mean so much to me as our schedules are so busy. Taking the time out of an otherwise busy Sunday to make our food together and enjoy the process together is such a meaningful thing for our marriage.

Summer 2017 Travel Plans

Trevor & I have been working on our travel plans for this upcoming summer, and I cannot wait for it to be June already!

Back in January, we did a short trip down to Arizona (read about that here) to gain Global Entry access for our trip to Europe. At that point, we were hoping for the trip to be in April, but couldn’t get it to line up right with when we could both get off work for a long enough amount of time. This has pushed our trip back to June! However, plane tickets have finally been booked for Amsterdam, London, and Paris! While I already know the trip is going to go by wayyyy to quickly, I am beyond excited to return to Europe and to do the trip with Trevor! We have an AirBnB booked for Amsterdam and hotel/AirBnB combo booked for Paris already, but have to wait a bit for London’s hotel until more points post onto Trevor’s IHG account.

I have already begun compiling a long list of attractions for us to visit in each location and I know there is no way for us to see everything. It’s so hard to narrow down activities with the realization that we may never be able to visit again (although this will be my second time to London and Paris).

So Europe will be in June, we’ll have a little bit of down time once we get back and then we’re hoping to head out to Portland, OR for a few days during July! I really hope everything for Portland falls into place, it’s one of those enchanting places I see all over social media and am just dying to visit.

I cannot wait for it to be summer and to get some more traveling and adventuring done with my wonderful husband. Seriously, shout out to Trevor. He works his butt off so we can do super cool trips for super cheap. (ilysb bb)

XO Elisebeth