Date Night 4 of 2017: Photos

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

February, Trevor and I only hit one of our two date nights, so we’re going to hit THREE in March. This past weekend we did our make up date night as a day trip down to Madison area. We got up really early (it was Daylight Savings….) and headed to church where my Dad is a pastor. It was nice to see my family again, even if for a short bit. We got lunch at an old barn after church and hung out for a bit before Trevor and I had to get going.

We met up with Janae of Westrum Photographs for a session at Devils Lake State Park. We hiked (and were out of breath), saw some amazing views, and had soo many laughs. Trev & I aren’t super in love with our engagement or wedding photos, so this couples session meant SO much to us.

Honestly, the results are breathtaking. It took me twenty minutes to pick one to be my new Facebook profile picture because I freaking love all of them. Here are some of my (many, many, many) favorites.

I am oh so thankful for this session and to Janae for drawing my name out of the random giveaway I entered. I just keep looking through the pictures again and again and again.

I cannot wait to share more of the photos on my Instagram (go follow to see more): @mrselisebethrodriguez! I also cannot wait to continue sharing our Date Nights of 2017 with you all!

XO Elisebeth

Personal Goals 2017

We’re approaching a week into 2017, so I ought to share my personal goals for this year. I have already shared the goals Trevor + I have developed for our marriage (read about those HERE), but I have more than just these goals in mind this year.

My goals for this year will be split into the following categories:

  • Faith: My faith has been something that has always been important to me and a priority in my life. This year I’m going to work to make this even more of a priority.
  • Photography: My photography business has grown quite a bit this past year. My plans and goals are for this to continue!
  • Teaching: I just graduated, so teaching goals are a given!
  • Marriage: Trevor + I developed goals for our marriage together, but I have some for myself to work on as well.
  • Other: All of the random things that don’t fit into other categories.


  1. Keep up on “Faith” goals within our Marriage Goals with Trevor.
  2. Read devotions (either on phone or online) minimum of twice a week.


  1. Book at least 10 sessions in each of my session “categories” (with the exception of weddings – 5+ with Trevor)
  2. Pass 500 Facebook likes on my page, which is if you wanna help a lady out. 🙂
  3. Pass 500 Instagram likes, – thank you very much!


  1. Make my very first classroom “MINE”! Yes, this is kind of a weird goal, but I want to make sure I put the effort into my first classroom becoming my style + fitting my personality + teaching style.
  2. Read 12 (or more) “teacher books” to stay involved in profession-related literature.
  3. Survive the 2017 portion of my first year of teaching!


  1. Pay greater attention + be more intentional about speaking to Trevor in his love language.
  2. Improve communication with Trevor about my emotions.


  1. Get my second tattoo.
  2. Travel.
  3. Record a cover with Trevor (he’s only been asking for forever).
  4. Be happier. I’m reading 52 Lists of Happiness to help me on this journey.
  5. Blog about all of the Date Nights Trev + I do this year as a part of our Marriage Goals. Date Night 1 is up already HERE!

I think that’s all for my 2017 goals. Some are plenty vague, but I think they are all plenty achievable. Here’s to 2017!

XO Elisebeth

So Busy

I’ve been incredibly awful on giving y’all updates on life…and this week will be no different!

What’s ahead for the week?

Tomorrow, I have a maternity session scheduled. Wednesday, I am shooting Abi Ann, Us the Duo, and Pentatonix at Xcel Energy Center. Thursday I get to have a break in the evening. Friday, Trinity First has their Fall Festival. Saturday I have a couples session.

This week will have a lot of amazing photos to go through. I cannot wait. My creative juices have been rising again and I can’t wait to go into these sessions with ideas.

Also – new photography website COMING SOON. Can’t wait to share it with you lovelies!

Peace out,

P.S. I’m in the last two weeks of being in the kindergarten room and my edTPA is killing me.

Spring Photoshoot

A little over a week ago I went on a photo shoot with a close friend from school! It was a beautiful day out and I was itching to get some photos in. It has been forever since I have shot anything, so it felt great to get out again!

Here are my favorite images:


I even pulled out my prism to use (that’s how most of these turned out in the way they did). I could not be happier with our shoot and cannot wait for the warm weather to return!

Find more at: or Elisebeth Anne Photography

XO Elisebeth

5 Reasons Why I Create

There are about a thousand and two ways to create and be creative. Sometimes it takes time to find the one or two ways that fill our niche and help us to be the creative people we truly are. As kids, coloring or playing dress up may have fulfilled that. But as adults, we have many more choices.

While the journey to find our way to create is important, it is also important to focus on why we create. Here are my 5 reasons why I create.

5 Reasons Why I Create - Blog Post

1. I create to relieve stress.

Some of you may have better stress outlets than by using your inner crafty person, but my most effective means of relieving stress is by creating. In one of my education classes, we were discussing art curriculum. The teacher brought in at least twenty different art materials that she has used in classrooms. I spent nearly the entire night at the water coloring station. I felt so free by the end of class – it has been one of my favorite classes this semester for this reason.

2. I create to express myself.

It is so important to me to get my thoughts out in this world. I have done this through a variety of ways. My main venues of creativity are through writing, lettering, and photography. My writing is done through this blog. Here I share with you my other means of creativity, my random recipes, and insights to my life. My lettering is still a work in progress. I have talked about it briefly in a previous post and on Instagram but have not touched on it as much as I would like to. I am hoping this changes soon though! My photography has been doing wonderfully. You can stay updated on my newest projects on my photography page or by liking Elisebeth Anne Photography on Facebook. I am hoping to get a new website up and going by the end of the year so I will keep you all in the loop on that.

3. I create to tell a story.

I hope it is obvious that my means of creativity are there to let others see into my life and experiences, even if I haven’t fully polished all of my skills yet. My main goal in my creations is to tell a story. My most recent photos were from a benefit concert in Green Bay and I could not be happier. They so strongly convey the love of music by the subjects and how they want to pass that to the youth in Green Bay. I am yearning to keep these stories evident in all of my work.

4. I create to meditate.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself busy and have so much on my mind. I think that taking the time to create, even something small, allows you to just be. Taking that time can be a form of meditation. When I am working on lettering, I never find my mind wandering to the other tasks I have. When I am on a photoshoot, I don’t have time to concentrate on what I have to do later in the day. If I am creating, I am in the moment,

5. I create to create.

This may sound kind of redundant, but sometimes you just need to let those creative energies out! Creativity stops if you do not allow it to be present. I have found that I need to give myself time to create or I lose the creative mentality. This is something I am continuously striving to find time for.

What are your reasons for creating? I would love to hear in the comments below.
XO Elisebeth