This past year my roommate, Anna was selling Jamberry nail products. I had heard about them over the summer from a friend from CUW – so I looked more extensively through the products than I had over the summer.

I knew I wanted to figure out what to do with my nails for my upcoming wedding, so that’s what I went into the catalog with in mind.

I picked out an awesome pattern called Chantilly, which you can find on page 21 of their latest catalog. So I originally intended to wear these for the big day. But then I was talking with Ana about a week ago about manicures. I’ve never had one done and so I decided this is when I’m going to treat myself, now or never-right?!

But I had already bought my Jamberry nails-so what to do with them?! Well today I had my bridal shower (more details to come soon) – so last night the brilliant idea hit me to use my Jamberry nails for this event! It’s still wedding related and the nails worked perfectly with my dress. Last night I applied a nude color from Sephora as my underlayer and then applied my clear Jamberry nail! The result is fantastic, and I could not be happier!


In The Works

Today marks 4 weeks until the wedding, which means only 1 week until my bridal shower! I cannot believe this wedding event is only a week away.

Ana and I met on Thursday to discuss some details for both events. I am quite glad that things are coming along and that Ana has been helping me plan (even though she’s simultaneously planning her own).

My mom soon after went to the grocery store and started buying candy for the candy bar at the wedding! However, peach rings and sour gummy worms still need to be bought…

Today I worked on some signage for a few of the games that will be a part of the shower! I also bought an adorable basket that will work as a cardbox for the wedding. It’s dual purpose because it can work for the bridal shower for the “Advice for the Future Bride and Groom” area.

I am so thankful all of the details are coming into place, it is so awesome to have your efforts come together and be seen! The wedding will be even better I am sure – and all of the stress will be over with!

Our Home

Last Friday (6/19), Trevor and I made a trip to Saint Paul, MN where we will be living next year. We viewed three apartment buildings, and 4 units total. The first two were in the same building, we liked them both but were not super drawn to either of them. The second building, was run by the same company so we figured it would likely be a good fit. We walked into the room and took a look around. That showing lasted about 15 minutes. We sat in the car until our next showing, discussing how transportation could possibly work with the location of this one. It was the farthest from the green line out of the three. We decided we both loved this apartment’s vibe and could see ourselves living there. But could we afford the price? We went to our final showing, and were quickly unimpressed. At the close of the showing she mentioned the price, which was $15 more than listed online. I immediately knew I could not live in that building due to the combination of things we noted: building smell, crazy lady property manager, weird tenants.

The obvious decision was the second building. So we drove to Target and sat in the Starbucks to fill out an application. I texted the property manager and told him we were applying.

After a week of sitting around, waiting, and corresponding through email with the individual filing our application, we found out we have been accepted for the apartment! I couldn’t be happier!

It’s a beautiful one bedroom apartment at Yale Apartments. If you look at the link, the unit we are getting is Floor Plan C.

Now I can’t stop looking at home decor ideas (I apologize if you follow me on Pinterest). I know Trevor is very specific in his home decor “needs,” so I have been keeping those in mind.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest that I hope to include in our home.

home decor 1

What I love about this picture? PLANTS. This last year I bought three succulents from IKEA – and they are my babies. Since Trevor doesn’t want real babies for awhile, I’ll stick to green things. I even named mine! Henrietta, Herb, and (I’m an awful plant mommy-I don’t remember the third name)!home decor 2I love this picture because of the wall decor and the couch pillows. I’m a sucker for good pillows.home decor 3 This picture shows my desires for kitchen cabinets. I love the idea of open cabinets – it forces you to keep them tidy! However, our apartment has doors on the cabinets, so we will be able to cover any possible mess – not that Trevor will ever allow that.home decor 4 This picture is a good representation of how I would love our bedroom to look. I love the light & open feel of this picture. The rug is also spot on in my opinion.home decor 5 I love the simplicity of this kitchen! The kitchen in our apartment will be super small, so I don’t think we could fit a bench area like that in there, but that would be a dream. However,  I really like this table and the chairs too – I would be more than happy to have those.home decor 6 Trevor loves pictures – obvi. We plan on getting some of our pictures printed and framed to decorate our place with. I would love a photo wall like this in our entry way!

I’m hopeful for a trendy and awesome apartment that feels like home for us. I cannot wait to move in on August 3!

What’s New

Everyone is fantastically busy right now, it’s summer after all!

So what am I up to?

Well my main point of interest is my boost in exposure for my photography business! (Ha-ya get it?)

I took some absolutely great pictures of my dear friends Ana and Nick. I also did a secret shoot this past week too. Those pictures are breathtaking! You can see those at my other blog:  Elisebeth Anne Photography

I’ve also begun to crack down on the rest of my wedding planning. I have quite the list to finish in just 41 days! I am still a bit in awe with how quickly this whole “being engaged” thing goes. They aren’t kidding when they say to take advantage of the time because it flies by!

That’s about it from me for the day. Hopefully I don’t die in this basement from a storm like the boys are convinced.