What’s Up

“What’s Up?”

The classic second text from someone, after they acknowledge your greeting.

Often, I just respond with something along the lines of, “not much,” or, “just chillin.” However, lately, it’s been more along the lines of, “just avoiding packing,” or, “trying to not be too stressed.”

Life catches up with you sometimes. Those times are when you miss the, “not much,” “just chillin,” moments of your life.

I’m definitely not saying that every little ounce of stress is bad though. I think stress can be great. It’s a terrific motivator, for one. But it’s when the stress takes over your entire life, that the issues pop up.

I have had tremendous issues with that in the past, but I’m working on it. I actually think that planning the wedding has been a lot of help. I’ve had this overbearing, constant stress with the millions of things to do, so I have had to work on dealing with a continual amount of stress. In the past, this would have meant a lot of dark and hard nights to work through.

But I’ve gotten a lot better at how I handle my stress now. I vent on here. I go take pictures. I go on walks. I work. I talk with Trevor about it. I no longer turn to a blade to deal with the stress.

At the beginning of the wedding planning process, I knew I would be taking on a lot of stress. I realized that going to school, working, and planning a wedding would be quite the challenge for me. And don’t get me wrong, it has been. But I made a promise to myself last August, that I wasn’t going to have any new scars on my wedding day. There have only been two days since that promise that I have broken down and cut myself. Both times, I felt more regret than ever from those decisions. I think a big contribution to that was that I knew I was not only hurting myself, but Trevor too. It’s a crazy thing – to be loved.

Love makes you do some strange things. In some cases, they can be negative. But in my case, it was beyond a positive thing. Trevor has helped me through so much, some of which I don’t even think he realizes.

So that’s what’s up. I’m being grateful for better stress management and for an awesome guy in my life to help me through it all.

Let me know what’s up with you….

XO Elisebeth


Bridal Shower

I’m so sorry this post is so overdue! But better late than never, right? 

Last Sunday, July 12 my lovely bridesmaids and my mother hosted a bridal shower for me! It was held at my house that afternoon. I helped with a lot of the planning since Katherine was out of the country for several days leading up to it. 

Ana and I met for a planning meeting a little over a week in advance. I’m so blessed to have her in my wedding party! We always have a blast together!  

We came up with a hefty list of candy for the candy bar and my mom purchased most of it the next day. Here’s just some of the delicious goodies!

Enough for a decent cavity, eh? 

We set most of the bridal shower up the day before when I finished work a few hours earlier than scheduled. Katherine helped quite a bit with that thankfully!  

The week before I bought an awesome chalkboard at Home Depot! So I made this beautiful sign on there. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon about that process.  The flowers in the close up below were added after the original full sign picture was taken. 

Not only was there a candy bar, we also had a photo booth! Here are some of my favorite pictures from there:  

Ana, Katherine, Bekah, and Me
Trevor’s mom, Allison, & sister, Devon
Trevor’s sister, Cameron, & grandma, Judy
Trevor’s sisters, Devon & Cameron, & mom, Allison
Ana, Bekah, & Me

A good time was had by all! A lot of games were played like, Bridal Pictionary, Guess the Bride’s Age, and others!

To see more wedding pictures on Instagram, search the hashtag: #adventuresoftande  

Engagement Pictures

Trevor and I decided after we got engaged that we were going to do our own engagement pictures. This was due to our very specific style in edited pictures as well as to save some money. So we went out on two separate occasions to take pictures. The first occasion was a bit of a fail, but we had fun in Saint Paul goofing off. The second time, we brought a friend along to press the shutter button. These are the two keepsakes from the hours of attempts.

Engagement Pic Engagement Pic_1

However, we ended up booking our wedding photographer and she said that she includes a complimentary engagement photo session with her pricing. So we recently decided to actually have those done. Here are some of our favorites:

DSC_9871untitled8154 DSC_9882untitled8162 DSC_9939untitled8218 DSC_9976untitled8255 DSC_9995untitled8274

I hope you like the pictures – I think they’re great! Thank you so much Caitlin Peterson Photography!

Now Trevor + I are off to another session of premarital counseling….Only 16 days!

XO Elisebeth