Europe 2017: Paris Day 2

Paris, France is a city I hope everyone gets to experience. Day 2 I had a bit planned, but also had enough flexibility that we knew we could go off track of plan, too.

Our day started off fantastically, waking up in a ginormous bed in a luxury hotel was amazing. We went out and found some breakfast (which may have more likely been considered brunch at that point). We ended up back in the Tuileries Gardens for some morning crepes and enjoyed those with a beautiful view of the Louvre. The picture below doesn’t even compare to the actual beauty of the Gardens.


After my delicious Nutella crepe, we headed over to the Louvre. We went through the entrance underground and saved major time by doing that instead of using the main entrance by the Pyramids. I definitely recommend this strategy if you’re visiting! Trevor also enjoyed getting to see another Apple Store (how cool, I know).


Inside the Louvre we enjoyed so much phenomenal art. It’s honestly so overwhelming. Some rooms feel like every square inch is covered in amazing art. I also love the architecture of the museum!


While we easily could have spent the entire day in the Louvre, we decided it’d be a better decision to keep on schedule. After the Louvre, we went to Notre Dame. As you’ve probably noticed in previous posts, I super love cathedrals. Going to Notre Dame was high on my list because of my last visit there.

The line outside was crazy long, so we ate some macarons in line. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the only picture of the only macarons we ate on the entire trip, so *insert imaginary image of delicious coffee and vanilla macarons here*.

Another wonderful part of Notre Dame, you’re allowed to take pictures inside!


Once we enjoyed Notre Dame, we headed over to Shakespeare & Company. We were going to go inside and experience the beauty of books but the line was crazy long to go inside. We walked around the Latin Quarter a bit after and then headed to Arc de Triomphe!


Arc de Triomphe was a bit underwhelming and quickly turned into both of us being hangry. Unfortunately timed, we didn’t find any food for quite a while and ended up going back to the hotel to find something that would be open before “normal dinner hours”. We went and got some delicious sandwiches and brought them back to the hotel to eat in the comfort of our hotel room with Netflix.

Well, our European travels were coming to a quick close at this point and we were really beginning to feel tired from all of the travel. We called it an early night for our last night in our really nice Parisian hotel before switching over to an AirBnB.

Thanks for checking back in for these wonderful adventures!
XO Elisebeth


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