Sweater Weather Day 1

Hey there!

It’s my favorite time of year… I can spend every second of my life in a sweater. While I may not be much of a fashion guru, I’ve been working hard to come up with some great sweater outfits. I’m going to share 6 outfits over the next 6 days, so if you’re sweater obsessed like me, make sure you come back tomorrow too!

Here we go… Sweater Weather Day 1!

Below is my lovely (and ever-growing) stack of sweaters. Today’s outfit uses the fifth sweater from the top, the nice blue one!

dsc_0112This sweater was my first in the commitment toward sweater style. I bought it in Black Friday 2015 and wore it every chance I got. Seriously, I definitely overwore it. Unfortunately, Cotton On no longer carries it, which I’m super bummed about. One thing you’re going to learn quickly in these sweater posts is that Cotton On is my GO-TO sweater store. I love all of their options and they have good sales pretty frequently. They don’t have many US locations as they’re based out of Australia, but thankfully Mall of America has one. I stop in pretty much every time I make a trip to MOA to see what deals they have.  ALSO, they have a great online selection. Just make sure you order exactly what you want. Once your order is placed you can’t change anything about it or cancel it… I, unfortunately, know this from personal experience (you’ll get that story in another Sweater Weather post).

Below is one of my favorite ways to wear this sweater. It’s super basic.

Sweater + High-Waisted Jeans + Wool Socks + Combat Bootsdsc_0125dsc_0127dsc_0214

Sweater (original Cotton On) similar style: H&M (and on sale!) | Jeans: Old Navy | Belt (original NEXT) similar style: H&M | Wool Socks (original gifted) similar style: H&M

This outfit has been a go-to outfit for a day of running errands or hanging around at home!

XO Elisebeth

P.S. Thanks to my awesome hubby for dealing with taking photos of my outfits!