Europe 2017: London Day 3

Hey there!

Sorry, I took a few days off from sharing our time in Europe, but I’m glad you’ve come back to hear more about our European Adventures! BTW (as always), you can check out the hashtag #tandeineurope to see some of the photos that I’ve posted there from/during our trip.


After a crazy busy DAY 2, I didn’t know if we could ever surpass the busyness and enjoyment of that day.

So Day 3…

The original plan was to head over to Trafalgar Square and do some people watching and just enjoy the morning there. Of course, we got there and they were setting up a stage and intense seating area. And then the MUSIC. We walked closer and they’re performing a soundcheck for Hair! As we did some more reading of the signage all over, we found out that West End Theatre was putting on an event the next day called West End Live with portions and excerpts from a large variety of their shows.

Trafalgar Square ft. West End Live Construction
Big Ben in the distance
The Famous Lions of Trafalgar Square


National Gallery
National Gallery


After listening for a bit we headed into National Gallery since that’s situated right on Trafalgar Square and is free! We didn’t last in there as long as I thought we would and ended up walking around Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus area. We also headed down Regent Street and saw another Apple Store. It was a beautiful day to just walk and enjoy the city!

Regent Street
Apple – Regent Street


We then took a bus to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace! Hyde Park had some amazing greenery! There was a cute little ice cream truck I just couldn’t pass up. Trust me, Trevor tried to get me to pass it up…

The gardens were beautiful!


Kensington Palace (and ice cream)
Kensington Palace



After Kensington Palace, we realized we were running a little behind schedule, so we hopped on a bus quickly to get over to the London Eye!

So Round 1 of London for me did not include the London Eye. I decided it would be a great thing for us to do as Trevor loves good views and great photo opportunities, so the London Eye seemed like no problem. If you know me, you know I’m afraid of heights. So, does the Eye sound like a good idea for me? Probs not. I figured once we got going, I’d be fine. I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower before, so the London Eye should be no problem, right?! Nah, I was in panic and internal freak out mode for about 50% of the ride. Once we got to the top and began descending, I ended up being fine and we even got a picture! Would I do it again? Probably not. Am I glad I did it? Sure, I guess.


When we purchased our tickets for the London Eye online, we saw there was also a River Cruise provided through them that we decided to book. We had kind of an awkward amount of time left between the two, so we got food at Giraffe. They had super delicious soda that I wish was sold in the US. We made it back just in time for the River Cruise.

The River Cruise was an amazing experience. Not only did we get to see London from another angle (and quickly), but also we got to hear a lot of the really cool history of the buildings and city as well! Trevor was in heaven, constantly shooting the whole time. I’m not even sure he heard a single fact of history because he was so busy with photos.


After the River Cruise, we wandered back to our hotel for a good night’s rest along with a night cap of Doctor Who!

I forgot to include that on London Day 2, we ended up stopping by Platform 9 3/4 and enjoyed some Harry Potter loving!

I cannot wait to continue sharing about the rest of our trip! Check back for more (hopefully tomorrow)!

XO Elisebeth


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