Europe 2017: London Day 2

Hey there!

Glad you’ve come back to hear more about our European Adventures and our time in London! BTW, you can check out the hashtag #tandeineurope to see some of the photos that I’ve posted there from/during our trip.


You’re going to be hearing a lot about London and be getting potentially overkilled with images. I planned a pretty tight schedule for our time in London. London was my favorite spot from my trip to Europe in 2013 and there was a lot I wanted to revisit or didn’t feel I got the chance to do! We did sooo much in London and spent the most time there, so prepare yourselves!

I woke up ready to take on the city! Trevor wanted to sleep. This is the story of our lives. I had pre-ordered tickets to Tower of London and wanted to get there right away. I loved Tower of London last time I was in England and was excited to go again and take the time to read more of the information this time. Once we got there, we made our way straight to the Crown Jewels. My first time there, we waited in line outside of the building for probably an hour before getting to actually walk through the building and felt like we were pushed through like cows. It was very much timed and I didn’t really enjoy the experience that much. Visiting earlier in the day was the best decision ever, purely for being able to walk through the Crown Jewels building at our own pace and actually look around!

It was cold, and despite the smile, I was freezing.


I love spiral staircases!
We actually saw a raven this time!
One of my favorite pictures from London!

After our time at the Tower of London, we took some classic pictures out front of Tower Bridge!


OH – so Trevor and I both have Apple Watches, which we super love for so many reasons. The picture above was taken by triggering the shutter of Trevor’s iPhone with a button/app on his Watch – talk about slick! Most of the photos of us together are taken that way!

After our time by the Tower, we took the Tube toward Churchill War Rooms. We snagged these photos on our walk from the station to the War Rooms.

This doesn’t even need a caption..


When we arrived at the War Rooms we debated if it was a good time to go or not. There was a pretty hefty line but decided to wait it out.

See that nice line behind me… This was taken when we were still deciding if we should hop in it.

I am SO glad we decided to do Churchill War Rooms. It was something on our agenda I didn’t go to back in 2013, so that was a plus to start. The price includes an audio tour, which most places require you to pay extra for, another plus. The area you get to tour is HUGE. We spent over an hour and a half (maybe 2 hours) there and felt we were being engaged by the material the whole time. (wow, just used some major teacher lingo there) All around, such a good experience. They even have the 10 Downing Street door from when Churchill was Prime Minister in the Museum area!


By the time we finished walking through the War Rooms, we were starving. We decided to eat at Pret-A-Manger because they were everywhere. We found an area near Westminster Abbey to enjoy our sandwiches! They were amazing and visiting Pret became a noticable pattern in our time in London.


Upon the completion of our delicious (late) lunch, I convinced Trevor to let us go into Westminster Abbey. Although not originally on the agenda, I figured since we were there, we should do it! We only have pictures from the outside because they have a policy of no photos on the inside. But believe me, it was phenomenal inside. If you’re ever in London – GO. I almost cried because of the beauty.


Following the beauty of Westminster Abbey, we walked around the area around the Abbey and Big Ben to enjoy some of the typical sightseeing.


Honestly, London offers so much natural beauty. I could only imagine living in such an amazing area. Following our walk around, we headed to our meeting place for the Jack the Ripper Tour! I was sooo excited for the tour and I have watched so many documentaries and read so much about Jack the Ripper. Trevor, on the other hand, had no idea any of the information shared with us (apparently he never cared to listen when I’d shared details earlier) and found it super fascinating. Below are some photos of some of the locations we visited on the walking tour!


After the amazing tour, we made our way back to our hotel. It was a day filled with a lot of walking and we were ready for some rest. I just looked back on my activity – on this day we walked 9.75 miles!

I can’t wait to keep sharing our fun time in Europe, be sure to check back for more!
XO Elisebeth


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