Europe 2017: London Day 1

Hello again,

Glad you’ve come back to hear more about our European Adventures! BTW, you can check out the hashtag #tandeineurope to see some of the photos that I’ve posted there from/during our trip.


Y’all are in for quite the read. We had delays and reschedule-ments and everything in between. At this point in the trip, I was assuming (and hoping) this would be the only hiccups we would experience.

We grabbed a quick and simple breakfast from a café not too far from our AirBnB and walked around the area along the canals. We packed up and hit the road. Our walk to the train station was much easier than our way to the AirBnB – no wrong trains were gotten on, no misunderstandings of where we were going to. All in all, it was feeling easy at this point.

We made it to Amsterdam’s airport with ease and boarded our plane. We had a connection through Paris CDG. We learned on our first transfer through CDG that France will make you go through security again even for connections. Also, thanks to the security requirements, I have more stamps in my passport from France than I anticipated gaining! Our connection from Amsterdam to London, however, was much shorter than our first. We ended up having to run through CDG, which is quite the large airport, to make sure we would make boarding on time. Definitely not my favorite moment of the trip.

By the time we made it to our gate, we hopped in line and began boarding shortly. We all made it on the plane pretty promptly but got delayed on the plane for some reason I don’t remember. Our flight got delayed about 20 minutes on the Paris side and then we sat in the plane even longer once landing in London. For only a 40 minute flight, we spent a lot of time on that plane. When we finally got off of our plane, we grabbed our luggage and got onto the Tube to go to our hotel. I had scheduled a Jack the Ripper Tour for that evening at 7 pm and I knew we weren’t going to make it on time. It was about 6 by the time we got off the Tube and were starting to walk to our hotel. I called up the tour company and they so willingly offered to reschedule our time with the next day’s group! (Seriously, shoutout to Discovery Tours. You rocked. Read my Yelp review.)

Once we finally checked into our hotel, we just kind of SAT. After our less than perfect AirBnB experience in Amsterdam, hotel-living was feeling amazing. Trevor is the King of “travel hacking” and we got our nights in our London hotel for free! Seriously, the only reason we were able to do even half of this trip was that he invested so much time in finding amazing deals on travel.

Our cute hotel

Eventually, we got pretty hungry and decided to grab some food. After some Yelp research, we found a place that we thought would be a good fit because they apparently serve the best fish and chips. We wanted to make sure we had fish and chips at least once over there, so why not the first night?! We walked over to the cutest little place, which ended up being really fancy inside. We were asked if we had a reservation, in which we awkwardly responded “No” to and received an odd look. Yelp didn’t prepare us for that! They ended up finding a spot for us, although we were definitely not receiving the top end service or experience that was raved about. Nonetheless, the food was fantastic! We split a plate of fish and chips with mushy peas since it was getting later in the evening. I was so surprised that Trevor was loving the mushy peas! No excuses about peas in the future now…

After a hearty dinner, we walked around the area near our hotel a bit. We weren’t in central London by any means and couldn’t see any significant landmarks without a bus or Tube ride. I was glad we selected a more neighborhood-like area though. The streets were clean, there were very few homeless people in our hotel’s immediate vicinity, and there were smaller shops nearby. We ended up stumbling upon a cute little store that apparently sold film! We were hoping to return when it was open but never did.


Night 1 in London ended with an enjoyable shower (since we only ever did a quick rinse in Amsterdam) and enjoying some Doctor Who on Netflix before being fast asleep in our oh-so-comfy hotel bed!

There’s a lot more to read about our time in London and I’ll keep sharing the rest of our journey through Europe, so check back later for more!
XO Elisebeth


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