Travel Hangover

Hello friends!

I have just returned from the most amazing trip with my lovely husband! I was originally hoping to blog every night. Then I hoped every other night. Then I hoped once per city. NONE OF THOSE HAPPENED. So you’ll be getting blog post barf in probably a week or so. I so wish it could be sooner, but I want to share our awesome photos with you all, so you’ll have to wait until we’re done with them!

Today, literally just a few hours ago, we arrived back in Minneapolis from our trip to Amsterdam, London, and Paris. AND let me tell ya…the travel hangover is here.

What is travel hangover, you ask? Travel hangover is the mixture of emotions and adjustments you go through after traveling, generally intensified by the amazingness of the traveling you just completed.

Here is my best way of explaining travel hangover, as well as some of its “symptoms”:

  1. You arrive home from your trip and immediately count back how many hours it was since you last did “X Activity” or were in “X Location”. For me, I immediately counted to figure out how many hours it had been since I ate a macaroon.
  2. You begin scrolling vigorously through any and all travel-related photos and relive every freaking moment of your trip through them. You’ll also likely post on Insta with some of your absolute faves.
    1. This can often lead to tangent thoughts that lead to my next point…
  3. You go through a long list of would-haves or should-haves from the trip. Yes, it was absolutely great but there’s always some things you wish you could have done or would have done differently, regardless of your vacation perfection.
  4. You can’t wait for your friends and/or family members to ask about your trip. That’s your chance to share every weird memory or awesome story that happened, and they genuinely care to listen about it. (This is different from just sharing everything with any person you come in contact with…be careful to not fall into that trap, which is a dangerous symptom of travel hangover.)
  5. THE ADJUSTMENT BACK TO REALITY. This is my most hated part of travel hangover. You’re body and mind want to say vacay, but you have to get back to “real life”. That means going to work, making your own food, driving your own car, etc. Also, for trips like we just took, it means adjusting back to our time zone, too.

One of my favorite ways to combat travel hangover is to have your next trip in the works already before you leave!
As Trevor and I were in the process of ironing out final details for this Europe trip we began working out a timeline for when our next trip would/could be. Crazily enough, it’s worked out best for our next trip to be in the beginning of July (yes, this year!!!) to Portland, OR. Before we left for our trip, we made sure to book our flight and hotel, but the rest I will be planning during this week-ish of down time between trips. It will be a great way to keep my mind occupied from travel hangover, while also being productive for what’s coming up next!

(and yes, we’re in the dreaming phase for the vacation after Portland to stay on top of travel hangover for that trip too)

I can’t wait so share so many of our wonderful photos from our trip. It truly has created some of my favorite memories of being married to Trevor, and i will forever hold this trip close to my heart. I LOVE seeing the world with the man I love.

If you too have suffered from travel hangover, I’d love to hear your experiences and/or cures! Please comment below, because I’ll never get over this need to travel! 🙂

XO Elisebeth


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