Date Night 9 of 2017: The 1975

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites!

This date has probably been my fave so far. Despite being kinda sick and not having a voice we went and saw our mutually favorite band: The 1975. It was our 3rd time seeing them, and Sarah came along this time. They put on one dang good show, and always have. Also, the tradition remains of me crying when Robbers is sung.

Probably the craziest part of the whole night was the drive there! We got caught in torrential down pours on our drive! Literally people were stopping on the highway because you couldn’t see in front of you. We stayed under an overpass for a bit when it started hailing. We also drove through a ginormous flooded area to try to get to a parking ramp. Never in my life have I been more grateful for the skyways in Saint Paul!

Enjoy these low-quality iPhone pictures primarily from Snapchat 😂


My honey being as unenthusiastic as possible.



Also, if you’ve never listened to The 1975 – GO DO IT.
XO Elisebeth


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