Date Night 7 of 2017: Cooking

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

On the very last day of April, we squeezed in one last date. We were hoping to go to Como Zoo, but it ended up being so rainy that when we got home from church, we just decided to keep it a day in. We made our favorite dinner together: these amazing ham & cheese roll ups. We make them at least once a month. They are SO easy and last for multiple meals. We also made puppy chow, which is one of our favorite dessert/snacks! I may not have any photos of us making the food together, it was oh so special for us to cook together. These simple tasks, cooking or cleaning together, mean so much to me as our schedules are so busy. Taking the time out of an otherwise busy Sunday to make our food together and enjoy the process together is such a meaningful thing for our marriage.


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