Summer 2017 Travel Plans

Trevor & I have been working on our travel plans for this upcoming summer, and I cannot wait for it to be June already!

Back in January, we did a short trip down to Arizona (read about that here) to gain Global Entry access for our trip to Europe. At that point, we were hoping for the trip to be in April, but couldn’t get it to line up right with when we could both get off work for a long enough amount of time. This has pushed our trip back to June! However, plane tickets have finally been booked for Amsterdam, London, and Paris! While I already know the trip is going to go by wayyyy to quickly, I am beyond excited to return to Europe and to do the trip with Trevor! We have an AirBnB booked for Amsterdam and hotel/AirBnB combo booked for Paris already, but have to wait a bit for London’s hotel until more points post onto Trevor’s IHG account.

I have already begun compiling a long list of attractions for us to visit in each location and I know there is no way for us to see everything. It’s so hard to narrow down activities with the realization that we may never be able to visit again (although this will be my second time to London and Paris).

So Europe will be in June, we’ll have a little bit of down time once we get back and then we’re hoping to head out to Portland, OR for a few days during July! I really hope everything for Portland falls into place, it’s one of those enchanting places I see all over social media and am just dying to visit.

I cannot wait for it to be summer and to get some more traveling and adventuring done with my wonderful husband. Seriously, shout out to Trevor. He works his butt off so we can do super cool trips for super cheap. (ilysb bb)

XO Elisebeth


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