God is So Good

God is So Good is one of my students’ favorite songs to sing as a part of Jesus Time, Chapel, or Closing Chapel. You can tell by how loudly they yell “Yes, He Is!” at the end of each line of the song, even when those aren’t necessarily the “right” lyrics.

Normally by a Saturday evening at this time, I’m in my jammies, sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, that is an accurate description of what I’m doing. However, it’s all the other things that have happened today that make me be reminded of how truly good God is.

This weekend (Friday + Saturday) I attended the Minnesota Early Childhood Educators Conference at Concordia, St. Paul! I was pretty excited about the conference since I read the brochure with the session descriptions and because I knew my old practicum teachers/coworkers would be there as they helped lead sessions, worked on event staff, and attend sessions. I also got a day from the kiddos on Friday to attend. As the sessions came to an ended today, I took some time to reflect on all of the amazing information I received. Like wow, we as educators are entrusted with such a huge and overwhelming task, but God enables us to do it all for His glory and honor. WOW! It’s just still so shocking to me that I get to be a part of the development of so many humans, in their faith, in their emotional life, in their social skills, in EVERYTHING. While parents are obviously the number one influence in a child’s life, it’s so wonderful to be a part of a collaboration and team to help those kids grow.

On my way home from the conference I was also reflecting on the importance of making sure I care for myself to be able to care for these kids. So, I’m going to try to start working out and getting healthy again. College was like a million tries to get back into shape from high school and a million fails as well. Either way, I’m going to put effort into it again. I ran for just over a mile and felt great after!

Tonight I also used my new birthday pan from my parents to make banana bread with some bananas that were getting old. It just finished and tastes so good.

I don’t know if it’s just the fact that I had a wonderful time at the conference or if it’s that our apartment is on the cleaner side, I’m just so thankful God has blessed me this weekend with so many reminders of His love.

So here’s to a wonderful next week with many more of God’s blessings so obviously in my life!
XO Elisebeth


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