What’s Up: February Life Update

Wow, we’re already nearing the end of February! I was doing pretty well with blogging in January + was hoping that trend would continue throughout 2017, however, I’ve already staggered off on the consistency.

Anywho, here’s a little life update!

  1. I haven’t talked much about it, but I have begun a new job as a 3-year-old teacher where I did my student teaching last semester. I’m transitioning into the role + can’t wait for the classroom to be solely mine, although I’m trying to embrace + enjoy the transition right now. I’m loving getting to know my coworkers better + feeling more comfortable in my role there.
  2. Trevor and I have finally established the dates of our Europe trip. We will be booking tickets shortly, but all things are a go in regards to getting off work for the appropriate amount of time. I’m so excited for us to do our first international trip together! I also cannot wait to visit Amsterdam for the first time. That will be our first stop on the trip before we head on to London + Paris (which I am also super psyched for).
  3. I’ve officially made it a (new) goal of mine this year to try more local coffee shops! I love Starbucks + Caribou, but there are so many trendy spots in the Twin Cities that I need to give a try. So far, I’ve hit up Spyhouse (NE + Uptown locations, still need to try Whittier + Northloop locations) + Groundswell Midway! All of these places are so hip + cool + I cannot wait to support local stores by trying them out! I did end up taking advantage of my free birthday drinks at both Starbucks + Caribou, but other than that I have done well with drinking locally.

This next month I’m going to try to blog more consistently, but we’ll see how that goes…

XO Elisebeth


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