Date Night 3 of 2017: Pizza + Netflix

When setting our 2017 marriage goals (which you can see HERE) we decided we were going to be intentional in dating one another. This meant regular date nights, trying things we haven’t done in the area or revisiting favorites.

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I had to work at Noodles *barf* until about 6, so we picked up a pizza + headed home to watch some Netflix. This year, we decided to also celebrate Valentine’s Day with pizza + Netflix…now it will officially become a tradition! We ordered Pizza Luce pizza + had a coupon to order artichoke dip as well! We ordered and had it delivered shortly after I arrived home from work. It was such a wonderful night in… Trevor + I have an impossible time ever deciding on movies to watch but decided London Has Fallen since we watched Olympus Has Fallen back when we were dating.


While it was a pretty “insignificant” date night, it was so nice to spend so much time together. While we’re pretty sure that Date Night #4 probably won’t end up happening in February as it ought to, we’ll make do..

XO Elisebeth


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