Marriage Goals 2017

Trevor and I spent some time yesterday discussing the first chunk of our goals for this upcoming year. I had stumbled upon a post by Jennifer Smith on her blog The Unveiled Wife about setting goals as a couple and within your marriage. We used her post How to Set Goals for the New Year with Your Spouse as a basic outline for our goal setting for 2017.

Here’s what we have come up with so far. We plan to add to the date nights throughout the year (obviously, since we have not yet completed that list). A lot of what is on the list is also there as reminders for things we already have discussed or dreamed about for this year. Having those items be in the list helps us move toward them and keep them realistic within the context of our life.


Date Nights:

  1. 2/month
    1. January: SeaLife, Phoenix Trip
    2. February: Pizza + Netflix, Science Museum of Minnesota
    3. March: Bubba Gump’s, Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)
    4. April: Casino, Chanhassen Dinner Theater
    5. May:
    6. June: Summit Ave Walk,
    7. July: Check Sculpture Garden?


  1. Re-read 5 Love Languages, then add more


  1. Pray together every night
  2. Read a Bible verse/passage twice a week (or more): Revisit at June meeting
  3. Offering: discuss more in detail


  1. 2-3/month “real meal”
    1. at least 1/month crockpot


  1. More wedding bookings: 5+
  2. Consistent FB marketing/referral (via groups/pages/etc)


  1. Phoenix Trip: Global Entry Interviews
    1. Flight
    2. Hotels
  2. Europe Trip
    1. Flight
    2. Hotels
    3. Itinerary
  3. California Trip (before July)
    1. Decide locations
    2. Flight


As you could see next to one of the items under “Faith,” we’re planning on revisiting this list in June to see where we are at with all of our goals and where more should be added or where some should be removed. I am confident that we have established tangible and realistic goals for our marriage this year and am excited to see 2017 unravel. I am also working on setting some personal goals and will post those at a later time (hopefully tomorrow, but no promises).


Also, last night enjoyed one final date night of 2016 at Dave & Busters in Edina! We went earlier this year (I think it was 2016 anyway) with some friends and have been meaning to get back.. Better late than never!



XO Elisebeth


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