To My Ladies

There’s nothing more thought-provoking or shocking than having your final Ladies Christmas Party with your dear college friends. I may have only known these ladies for three (or less) years, but dang I would not have traded their friendships for anything. Realizing that life is about to get so very real and less centered around memories with them is kind of hard to swallow and realize and put into words.

I’m so thankful for the love I’ve received from these ladies. The support they’ve given to me has been beyond amazing and I know God has fantastic plans for each of them, even if they’re unclear now. I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold and see how God uses you. Let’s not become strangers as we move apart and graduate. Let’s grow closer as sisters of Christ and stay in touch. Let’s let ourselves grow closer together (especially as our families grow). Let’s continue to inspire and share with one another.
I love you, ladies.

XO Elisebeth


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