This Friday my edTPA is due.

edTPA is the pinnacle of your education career and induces a lot of stress. The procedures and requirements are crazy even though the general concept is not. Basically, you have to video yourself teaching a couple of lessons and write about a 30+ page paper on why you planned what you did, why you taught how you did, why you assessed how you did, etc. You focus in on two students in addition to the whole class and write on how you were able to assess them and their needs, provide feedback, and so on.

As my professors and peers say, it’s all good teaching. Everything you do for edTPA is good teaching, most of it comes naturally to be honest. The hard part is the writing your thoughts out perfectly so someone else can essentially read your mind.

This Friday I will regain my life. I’ve put so much time and effort into this project. I cannot wait to finally hit submit!

Extra prayers for me for the rest of this week would be appreciated as I put on the finishing touches…
XO Elisebeth

P.S. – SO proud of Trev and his new job! So send up some praise for that too!


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