Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello Third Grade

Want to feel extremely popular and famous?
Leave the kindergarteners you’ve closely worked with (for 10 weeks) and go up to the third grade. Work with a few of their older sisters for half a day. Enter lunch room with third graders. Be approached and hollered for like you’re a superstar by your previous kindergarteners.

Seriously. This week has been all kinds of emotions.

I’ve gone from working with a bunch of energetic and extremely loving 5 year olds to working with a bunch of super smart, more controlled, semi-dramatic, 8 year olds. For those of you not in education, it may not seem like much of a difference..What’s three years? But wow! My new kiddos are learning multiplication, whereas the kindergarteners I was just working with are just now learning about the numbers 6 to 10. It’s insane what kids learn in a matter of three years.

My first day in third grade I was like NO WAY. These kids are learning big kid things. They don’t have to be accompanied to the bathroom. They know how to stand in a straight line quietly. They know how to write sentences. These kids are too intelligent for me to teach.

Days two, three, and four have adjusted me well though. I’m excited to start teaching Math and Reading next week and to take on even more responsibilities within the classroom. My CT is super great and has helped in the transition. Also, tomorrow we have a field trip!

Here’s to a successful and insightful rest of my time in Third Grade!
XO Elisebeth

P.S. I graduate from college next month. WHAT?!


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