As I mentioned a few posts back, I began embroidering a few months ago and have fallen in love! Like seriously – I know it seems like an old lady hobby, but I’ll take the weird glances because it’s so stress relieving and the products are awesome (in my opinion).

Here are a few of my hoops I have made in the past few months:

Doctor Who Tardis

This hoop took me forever. I was dying to do something more “fandom” related and so I decided Doctor Who would be my show of choice. While it did take me a while, and could be in better shape, I am quite proud of it!

Treat Yo Self


Any Parks and Rec fan will get this. Need I say more?

Suck It


If you haven’t ever watched Psych, you need to. Go on Netflix, and start now. Just go.

Ovaries before Brovaries


I received A LOT of weird looks while embroidering this one… and it now shall hang on my sister’s dorm room wall. So yes, embroidery hoops are hip. Especially when they are quoting Leslie Knope.

N + A Initials

I made this hoop as a wedding present for my darling best friend, Ana. It took me forever and I actually finished it the day before the wedding in a frantic hurry. I loved getting the chance to do flowers and details like this!

So as y’all can see, I have been having a blast with my new hobby! I would love for you to check out my Etsy store: BlissfulFiberArt and look through my products!

XO Elisebeth


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