WOW! You guys, it’s already March?! How is that possible?

I honestly cannot believe we are already so far into 2016, it is bizarre to me.

My March has a lot to look forward to! I have a nice 10 day long Easter Break, I am planning on beginning a new hobby (more details to come…), am hoping to get a few more photo clients, and will finish the toddler room for practicum (this week!!!) and will begin the preschool room!

School has been so crazy busy lately. It’s midterms and all the projects are beginning. As much as I love learning, I wish teachers planned their schedules differently even though I know it isn’t often possible. I promise I will start posting a few more structured posts soon, Easter Break will certainly help with those!

This past weekend I got a nice break from school and my normal work schedule. Trevor and a few friends of mine and myself went to the casino to officially celebrate my birthday! We enjoyed slots and hit up the bar! I ordered my first legal alcoholic beverage! I had pink Kinky with Sprite. We were a little lost on what we should order since the menu listed a lot of alcoholic beverages we had never heard of before, so the loveliest bartender helped us out. Seriously, we would have been lost without her.

So cheers to the start of March!

The girls + me

XO Elisebeth


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