Week One

Hey you guys!

The first week back to classes is done! I am currently sitting at work writing this (shh) and have my other job tonight, so this will be rather short (maybe).

I am only taking 19 credits this semester (that sounds ridiculous..but I can say only after getting a 3.97 with 21 credits) so I am excited to see how it goes! Included in my 19 credits is my practicum for my degree.

For practicum, I am spending 150 hours at the on-campus childcare center here! My first 40 hours, which started this week, are in the infant room. I could not sleep Wednesday night because of how nervous I was to go in on Thursday morning. Thursday went pretty well. I had to do laundry so it didn’t bother me when my pants ended up coated in drool and boogers. I formally learned how to feed the infants, diaper the infants, do their schedules, and much more! I am so excited for the rest of my hours in this room but I know I will miss them when I am done after the first week in February. My next 40 hours will be in the toddler room. I am rather nervous about that experience just because I know they are so high energy. My final hours (70) will be spent in the preschool room. It will certainly be a crazy semester with all of these kiddos, but I know it will help me get prepared for student teaching in the fall!

Other than practicum, I got my first dose of all of my classes. I know I won’t enjoy a couple of them, but I am at the point where everything is required so I do not really have a choice as to what I take anymore. But hey, the end is in sight! I graduate this calendar year!

Another thing that comes with a new semester is getting our home schedules adjusted. This is a bit hard with only one car, plenty of classes, and four jobs between the two of us. But Trevor is a champ and takes the bus downtown most days. Last semester I was so good at getting caught up with my school work that I was not very good at having a life. So I am going to try and be better at that this semester. We’ll see how that goes considering how extremely exhausted I am after week one….

That’s all I have to share for now. I am hoping to start making a few more crockpot meals and sharing those recipes with all of you soon!

XO Elisebeth


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