2016 Goals

A new year is upon us! 2016 has begun, and this will be a crazy year. What’s ahead? I will turn 21, Trevor will graduate from college, Trevor and I have a trip planned to Maryland/Washington DC/New York in May, I will student teach, and I will graduate from college! Of course, with all of these known events, about a thousand unplanned things will pop up too.

The world’s most talked about topic today: New Year’s Resolutions. I always just call mine my yearly goals. So here are my 2016 Goals:

  • Be more creative
    • For Christmas I received a lot of awesome tools to be creative with: calligraphy pens, new film, and developing supplies! This year I look forward to using these tools more frequently and sharing all of these products with you all.
  • Have more “me time”
    • I spend so much time working and doing school work, I want to have more time for myself. During this time, I can be creative, but I can also spend more time with my Bible and my prayer journal.
  • Read more
    • Over this winter break I have already finished one book: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I have thrown my reading aside due to my heavy load of coursework in addition to working a lot. This is definitely a hobby I want to be more persistent with.
  • Eat healthier
    • Yes, this is the typical resolution. As Trevor and I have moved into our own apartment and been buying our own groceries, we have been doing a pretty decent job at this. Eating healthier is definitely something I not only want to continue, but I want to  improve on!
  • Travel more
    • I miss traveling so much! I cannot wait for the vacation we currently have planned, but I hope we can get a few others planned and in this year.
  • Be more adaptive
    • I often struggle with all of the things life throws at me that I am unprepared for. Planning the wedding this past year helped me grow in this area. Little things occurred that freaked me out, but Trevor helped me through majorly. I look forward to the challenges God has in store for us and see how we grow together in them.

I know that many things I hope for will come my way this year. I also know not everything will go my way. New things will surprise me, some I won’t be ready for. But I look forward to God giving Trevor and I many blessings and challenges this year. 

Happy 2016 to you all!

XO Elisebeth


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