A Day of Love

Yesterday was a whirlwind!

Trevor and I had church and then after that, I went nonstop until about 7 pm.

My best friend (and favorite guest poster), Ana, had her bridal shower! I was oh so glad that her shower aligned with when I would be in town so that I could make it. Seriously, she is such a gem and her friendship means so much to me. It means the world to me that she has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!

Her and her family hosted the most lovely shower ever. Granted I have only now been to two showers (hers and my own), she has set high standards for showers to come! They served brunch and cake, we played games, and the bride and groom unwrapped their many gifts. I even won a prize – a beautiful, handmade ornament! Based on my own shower, I was expecting it to be a small, and intimate affair – however it was a full house! I wish we could have had more time to talk and catch up, but I guess that means we will have to see each other again before I return to Minnesota.

Doesn’t she look hot as a ging?!

After Ana’s wonderful shower, I had a wedding to rush to! Unfortunately I could not make it to the ceremony, due to time conflicts with the shower. But I picked Trevor up and we made it to the reception in time for a delicious brunch-themed dinner. The reception was at one of my favorite parks in Green Bay and was one of the venues Trevor and I had looked at for our own wedding. It is absolutely beautiful! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kaczmarek!

Here are some of the pictures I took at Whitney and Ryan’s beautiful winter wedding.




This is THE coolest idea for a guest book ever!
Talk about great cupcake flavors – Bacon Maple, Jack Daniels, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate!



I was so glad to see my sister (as pictured in the two pictures above) – it had been since October since we last seen each other!

And it just wouldn’t be a wedding without an attempt of a cute picture of me and the hubby, right?!




I hope your Sunday was filled with as much love as mine was!
XO Elisebeth


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