Christmas 2015

This Christmas was mine and Trevor’s first married Christmas! (I still cannot believe we have been married for almost five months already…)

We both were used to different Christmas traditions from our family’s growing up, so we had to clash our previous Christmases. This would have been more difficult had we stayed in Minnesota for break, but I am actually writing this from his parents’ home in Green Bay.

The two of us celebrated our Christmas on the evening of December 23. This was a huge tribute to my family’s tradition of opening gifts on December 24 after Christmas Eve church. We also wanted to do our own “private” Christmas on our own to exchange our gifts to one another. This was really the only time for us to do this since we will be in Green Bay until just before spring semester begins.

Opening gifts and stockings was a blast. However, it goes by super quickly when it’s just the two of you. I got Trevor The 1975 vinyl and the first expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. He got me the necessary items to develop my own film using the C-41 process! I am so excited to work through my three rolls he also gifted to me! We ended the evening by playing Minecraft for about three and a half hours…yes, I have officially begun nerding at a whole new level.

The next morning (12/24) we packed up and drove off to Green Bay (almost an hour behind schedule). When our journey finally came to an end, we unpacked everything and headed to Christmas Eve church shortly after arrival.

This Christmas was my first real “Christmas morning experience”. The girls were all up by about 9 am and Trevor wanted to sleep another hour (at least), but I made him get up for the sake of his sisters. From Trevor’s family we got Doctor Who Yahtzee, a delicious smelling three-wick candle, calligraphy pens, cash, and a picture frame made by his sister in tech ed. It was a lovely day filled with food, family, and fun! His family was gifted Telestrations. At first I thought it sounded rather lame – but man was I wrong! It’s like the games Telephone and Pictionary meshed together and it is fantastic!

I have always loved Christmas, and this one was certainly one for the books. The weirdest part about it though was easily that it was GREEN. Green Bay has no snow yet, it’s unbelievable. We’re supposed to get a good winter storm the next few days. How inconvenient as Tuesday, Trevor and I are supposed to drive to my parents house in central Wisconsin.

Well, today has been a crazy busy day. I have been surrounded by a lot of people I love and two awesome events focused around love! I’ll fill you all in tomorrow about today and all of its wonderfulness.
XO Elisebeth


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