I am sure every person with a blog has written something about Paris since Friday, but I am going to join the crowd. I will not get into the politics behind terrorism or any of that. I want to share with you all my amazing experience in Paris in 2013.

It’s crazy to think I was in France almost 3 years ago now, it seems like only yesterday.

Spring break my senior year of high school I was so blessed to be able to take a trip through EF Tours to London and Paris. While a majority of the time was spent in London, I am so grateful to have made it to both lovely cities.


We spent a lot of time eating amazing, authentic French Baguettes! They’re so cheap there (probably because they’re normal there…)

The second I could see the Eiffel tower from our bus I couldn’t stop taking pictures – it’s kind of a big deal!20130327_054743


We got out at this amazing area to snap some amazing photos of the Eiffel tower.



And of course, a selfie with my bestie was a must!


We unfortunately just drove by the Arc de Triomphe – I would have loved to have gotten out and explored it.



All of the buildings and streets are incredible! Most of the buildings are still originals. I loved the look of buildings in London, but many were recreations due to bombings during WWII – thankfully no bombs damaged the Parisian buildings!




Please excuse the ugly selfie from the base of the Eiffel tower – but I am so glad I took it!


The top of the tower was phenomenal. I am so glad I made sure to ride all the way to the top!


The view was breathtaking!



The tower is just as amazing at night! We took a boat cruise on the Seine at night and saw all of the beautiful lights (unfortunately my camera died shortly after this picture).


We also made a stop at the Louvre! I am so thankful we did because I got to see the Mona Lisa!! Easily one of the coolest things I have ever done ever.


The Louvre itself is an absolutely amazing building, look at that ceiling below!


Outside the Louvre we got to walk on the lock bridge and see where many couples had shown their love for each other by buying a piece of metal, locking it to another piece of metal and throwing away the key. Kinda weird – but also oh so cool!




I took the picture below originally for my dad because of the pub advertising Guinness, but looking back at the picture I love everything about it!


This is a building at Universite de France! A group of us was wandering around one afternoon and kinda got lost on campus. Once again amazing architecture!


Notre Dame is another must see! Even if you’re not religious – go see it! When in Paris….right?!


This is a book store near Notre Dame – Shakespeare & Co. I so desperately wanted to stop in, because I’m a sucker for books, but we did not have time. Some day I’ll go back and revel in the beauty of it.

Shakespeare & Co

After reflecting on my amazing experiences in Paris – I so desperately want to go back. And after all that happened Friday, I want to go back even more. Those people are so human and I love them for that. They stood together as a nation after the worst of events, and I gladly support them through it all. I do hope someday to travel back to Paris and revisit everything I saw and spend more time in all of the culture there.


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