Meet Me


So I’m just going to give y’all a little introduction to myself. There is a brief intro above under Meet Elisebeth, but I thought I would give everyone a little more information about myself.

Some of you I have known since high school, some I have met in college, others of you I have never met and you have stumbled across my blog miraculously (I hope you’ll stay)!

Here are some tried and true facts about yours truly…

If I was rich and didn’t have to go to school or work, you could find me enjoying my apartment while sipping a chai tea latte. I would have a thousand wonderful smelling candles lit. My hubby would be hanging out by my side. (We just got married this summer, and everyday is my favorite with him.. Want details from our wedding? Click HERE.) I would have some calm, yet empowering music playing in the background…maybe Adele? There would be so much artsy stuff out I wouldn’t know what to do! Chalk, watercolors, film cameras, Polaroids, my Nikon, calligraphy pens, etc!
As much as I would love to be living my artsy fantasy right now, that just can’t happen. I am attending school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education. I am loving the program at my school and cannot wait to have a classroom of my own. This semester I jumped on the crazy train and took 21 credits. So don’t mind the infrequent posting – life is rather busy. My minor is currently being petitioned, so fingers crossed that goes well. My minor will (hopefully) be in Lutheran Confessionalism. This will allow for me to be called to a Lutheran school in the LCMS. I sure love my Lord and cannot wait to serve Him by teaching little kids about how awesome He is. I have also made some amazing friends through the program I am in. Like the best of friends. I know that the future generation is going to be oh so lucky to have them as teachers.
Trevor + I are proud plant parents. I would love an adorable little kitten, but T is just not up for that, so I have settled for my green babies. The two of us are living the dream as newlyweds, in school, working all the time…but don’t worry, we make time for one another. I am truly a blessed lady.

Me – February 2015

Want to know anything else about me? Let me know by contacting me HERE or commenting below!

XO Elisebeth


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