Ceiling Update

This is one area I have not touched based on in my rants on my blog, but I think it’s about time!

[warning: there are disgusting pictures below.]

We moved into our lovely apartment the day after our wedding, so August 3. Approximately 2 weeks after, some intense heat struck and our walls in the bathroom began to bubble and drip. We assumed they used the wrong type of paint and went to spend our day in air conditioned areas to avoid the heat. After the intense heat left, we noticed most of the bubbles disappearing.

A few weeks later, we noticed bubbles forming again, but over the shower itself. After about a week or so they grew and grew and dripped and dripped.

Eventually the mold came. This led to moldy/rusty/disgusting water dripping on our heads in the shower. (I sincerely apologize if Trevor or I have smelled at all the past month and half due to this issue…) We began to limit our showering or would make our showers super fast to get out of there as fast as possible.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Why didn’t they tell their landlord? That would have solved everything, right?” Well, we did tell him! Probably 3 weeks after the disgusting mold had formed someone finally came in to “fix” the problem. Basically, they scraped off the mold and put a board over the problem. Our landlord told us more solutions would be coming shortly but that’s all that would happen for now. It didn’t take long for the mold to creep around the board and down the wall. Talk about gross.

So, this brings us to the beginning of this week. Sunday Trevor got a call from the landlord saying that plumbers would begin their work on Monday to fix the issue. We were so excited something was finally happening!

Monday morning comes around and we’re happy to be out of their for the guys to get to work. Monday night we get home at 4:45 or so and run to the bathroom to see what’s up. The floor was a mess. The tub had disgusting stuff all over it. AND there was a ginormous hole in our ceiling. The pipe that was dripping now exposed and directly leaking into our tub. We looked around the place for a note saying when they would return – nothing.

So these old, beautiful buildings, aren’t so pretty on the inside really… The plumbers came back Wednesday. We had to be out by 8 am (neither of us were too happy about that..). I was feeling pretty hopeful that the whole situation would be done with, but of course, it was not.

All they did while we were gone that we can tell was apply this lovely board. There were also notices posted around our building saying water would be turned off from 8 am to 4 pm. So the solution has not been an easy one.

Last night when I got home I saw that there is a pipe replaced. But we still have this lovely hole. The board is also now taken down and we can see into our neighbors bathroom because they had to go into their bathroom to replace the pipe as well. All of this has just become a huge mess.

Here’s the latest update from our landlord:
“Plumbers are wrapping up work today. We will be closing off the wall between the two bathrooms for privacy. We will be leaving the ceilings exposed and opened over the weekend to allow the framing and material to dry. J&M will be in on Monday to being patch and repairs.”

So here’s to a long weekend with no showers.


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