Fall Break 2015

Last weekend, my school had fall break.. It was a much needed break, although I spent it doing many other things than I would have liked or intended to do.

Wednesday night Trevor hurt his back, so I spent the night caring for him. Thursday his back was no better so we spent a lot of time in bed. I would get up to get him what he needed, like a quick run to Target for some Icy Hot.

Thursday I also had an interview at Caribou Coffee! That’s my “big” job news… My interview went quite well. They told me that they will give me a call to set up a second interview, so now I play the waiting game (again). So fingers are crossed that this job opportunity works out!

Friday I was able to enjoy the morning in bed, watching Friends on Netflix. I did work at Noodles that evening – oh joy…

Saturday I worked a double at Noodles. Talk about a day from hell. I woke up with a sore knee, but knew I had to go in since I was opening. My coworker that was supposed to come in at 11, never showed. And we were swamped with a college volleyball team and several large families. What a lovely time to be understaffed.. At the end of my first shift, Trevor picked me up. I had no want to go back-at all. But I knew it was only me and another guy scheduled for front of house for the evening, and I couldn’t do that to him. So I did go back. Thankfully, my manager let me out an hour early (Tracy is seriously the best manager ever).

Sunday, I was a bad person. I called in to Noodles (I was scheduled for another double) and said I could not make it in due to my knee being swollen and barely being able to walk. Now this may have been a slight exaggeration, but my knee was quite bad and I didn’t want to spend my last day of a break at the place I am not so fond of. Plus, Trevor didn’t work until 4:30, so I wanted to spend some quality time together.

So Sunday turned out to be a great day! Trevor had an Apple appointment for his Mac charger, so we went to the Rosedale mall for that. I enjoyed smelling probably 30 different candles at Bath & Body Works. We then headed to Taco Bell for a cheap lunch. After picking up a classy lunch, we headed to the end of Summit Ave in Saint Paul. There is a beautiful outlook of the Mississippi River! It was breathtaking, especially with all of the fall colors! We then headed to Caribou Coffee for a drink and Trevor went to get his haircut (FINALLY). We may have waited for an hour before he actually got that taken care of, but it’s done now!

I am so glad we got to spend the afternoon together.

After our fall colors excursion, we headed home and Trevor went off to work. I got a little homework done, but primarily just enjoyed myself with lighting a lot of candles and making apple chips. (I’ll be posting a tutorial with a recipe of those soon!)

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have enjoyed (a good chunk of) my fall break. While I didn’t get the chance to travel anywhere, like some of my friends. I got some awesome time with my husband, and that is good enough for me!

XO Elisebeth


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