Well, I’m officially at the point in the semester where I just need a break. I’m having an awfully hard time focusing on anything, especially if it has to do with classes.

Fall break is NEXT WEEK. I could not be more excited! I’m assuming Noodles will give me my normal hours, which means I’ll work quite a bit. However, I’ll still have a lot of time to rest, and more importantly catch up in my classes.

I’m definitely beginning to feel this credit load. It’s a lot-there’s a reason it isn’t recommended to take 21 credits a semester. Knowing that I’m almost halfway through it all makes it a bit more bearable though. Plus, one of my classes is only a half semester class, which means that one is almost finished! After this semester I will feel quite proud of how much I pushed myself. I think my 18 credits will feel like a walk in the park…

On another exciting note-Saturday is Homecoming! While I’m sadly not going home to NEW for my high school’s homecoming, I do get to enjoy CSP’s. I’m so excited for the football game and the carnival! There’s free ride and free food, there’s not a better combination! OH, and there’s a petting zoo! I am so glad I decided to ask off for Saturday and cannot wait to hangout with my friends all day.

Also, I have yet to hear back from Anthropologie, so it’s not looking too great on the new job front.


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