Anthro, Noodles, + Peanuts, OH MY!

What a crazy busy week I’ve had. Yes, I know it’s Tuesday – but really. I’ve been busy.

Yesterday I had an interview at Anthropologie! I am so excited at just the thought of working there, so I’ve been watching my phone like a hawk-hoping I get the call and that I get the job. *fingers crossed* I’m just so done at Noodles. I have pretty limited availability, so they give me all my hours over the weekend. It’s going to be the death of me, I swear.

On that note-I’m back to wearing my knee brace. I hate wearing this thing. Everybody asks “what’s wrong” and I have to tell them it’s due to an injury back in high school. I just wish I had normal knees. Working 20+ hours over 3 days at Noodles has brought a lot of actual pain into my life now, just another reason I need to get out.

My plan for if I don’t get the Anthropologie job is to apply at Starbucks and Caribou, since there are a few within blocks of my apartment. I’ve heard so many good things about working in coffee shops- plus I wouldn’t mind a discount on coffee. I also feel like it’s a rite of passage of a young adult to be a barista, but maybe that’s just my thinking. I’m making up excuses for any and every job opening that is other than at Noodles.

One more area to complain about at Noodles: there are so few employees that I had to work while I was sick on Sunday. I was nauseous all day – and no one was able to cover for me. In addition to that I had a limp because of my knee. I must have looked like hell. Due to working through my illness on Sunday, I skipped my morning class on Monday, which I was hoping to never have to do. It’s my only class that meets three times a week, and I hate going into the next class unprepared. So hopefully tomorrow goes well. :/

Now that I’ve gotten all of my complaining out of the way, here’s a way to brighten your day! The new Peanuts movie is coming out soon and they have a website set up where you can make yourself into a Peanuts character! How cool is that?! Check it out – here.

This is what I look like! Isn’t it adorable?



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