Like I Can

I’m supposed to be doing homework (like always…) but I’ve been sitting here thinking.

I’m getting so annoyed with how easily stressed I get, with how burdensome my anxiety is. While I may no longer be depressed like I talked about a few posts ago, I know I could still be at a lot better place.

As I’m sitting here listening to Spotify it’s so annoying(?) to me. I used to let go of all of that through music. That was my avenue of losing my stress. It’d just melt away. Even when I got solos in Stage One, those were a little more nerve wracking, but it was something to work for and I felt so empowered to get them.

Now, the thought of singing in front of people, even Trevor, terrifies me to the point of tears and anxiety attacks.

How do I get it back? How do I overcome it? How do I get back to that me that was at least semi confident about singing in front of people? I know I can still do it…but at the same time I can’t.

XO Elisebeth


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