Hello Everyone! If you hate complainers, get off of this post-I have a lot of complaining to do!

As y’all know, I’m taking 21 credits this semester. I knew this was a lot to take on but based on the fact that I know how most of my profs operate I knew I could handle it. Right?


I’m taking a class called Family Systems. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on people’s opinions on the class. Primarily they stem out from who is teaching it. The guy I have is super lax and chill (so I thought…)

I opened our reading(s) for this week, there are 10 various articles for us to read on the definition of “family”. I normally love reading articles, but I thought 10 was a little hefty. So I’m getting started on my assignment, like a good student 😉 and I open the first article. It’s a scrolling page so I can’t say how many pages it is, but I held the down arrow down for 20 seconds (I actually timed it on my iPhone) and finally reached the bottom. Keep in mind holding down the down arrow means it moves incredibly fast and you can’t actually read it.


I understand there may be valuable material in this article, but don’t also assign 9 other articles for us to read! We have other classes. In fact, my 7 other classes also have reading assignments.

It floors me that professors do not understand this concept. Thank goodness I am going to be an early childhood educator….


Hopefully I don’t die this semester.
XO Elisebeth


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