Junior Year

Monday begins my junior year of college – what?! It doesn’t seem possible that I’m already over half way done with my college years. I’m also graduating a semester early, which means after this semester, I only have two left. I feel like this can’t be possible, aren’t I still in high school…?

This semester I will be taking 21 credits – so if my blogging falls behind, I apologize. (i promise i’ll post pictures of the apartment soonish.) I’m really looking forward to my eight classes. I know I will have a lot on my plate, but it’s a challenge I am looking forward to. In addition to my 8 classes/21 credits, I am also working two jobs: Noodles & Company + in the Office of Career Development. This is adulthood after all.

The part I look most forward to this upcoming year is balancing my marriage with my schoolwork with my faith with my social life with work. I have so many important aspects of my life, so it’ll be great to see them all intertwine and feed off of one another.

A few friends and myself already have decided we are having wine nights – most likely at my apartment. Forced involvement by hosting events is obviously the only way I will stay sane, right?

Here’s to a successful school year!
XO Elisebeth


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