Photography Update

Hello everyone! I am loving being back on my blogging game!

The last few days I have been focusing on getting caught up with my photography blog. Since I started taking photos – I have really enjoyed sharing my work with everyone. My Facebook page, Elisebeth Anne Photography, is where most of my posts normally end up getting posted – so give it a “Like” and make sure you don’t miss anything else from the world of my photography!

My most recent post on there was about my sister! I did her senior portraits right before the wedding. So I didn’t end up getting around to editing or posting them until this past week. It was exciting to see them go up and hear everyone’s responses too! You can see her post – here.

On Saturday, Trevor and I went to my aunt + uncle’s home. They live like 25 minutes away, which I absolutely LOVE! My cousins love us to death and they have a dog so I can get my animal fix in too. My aunt asked us if we could do their family portraits this upcoming fall – I of course said yes!

In other news – our neighborhood is full of awesome furry creatures! Yesterday as we headed to our car to leave for church, we were greeted by two fat, little pugs trying to scare us away. And we have a spot that we know this adorable cat likes to hang out. Check out that handsome guy…


That’s all for now!
XO Elisebeth


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