My Girls

This post is going to highlight the awesomeness of these two lovely ladies that stood up as my bridesmaids!

Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography

My sister, Katherine, was my maid of honor! She was an obvious pick, as any bride that has a sister could tell you. At first I was a little hesitant to pick her since she was in Green Bay while most of the planning process took place in Saint Paul. But I stuck with my gut, and I’m grateful I did! She threw a fabulous bridal shower for me, which we planned a lot of while my parents were in Guatemala. She also helped plan my bachelorette party (which I promise to tell you about soon)! She was my rock when any issues right before the wedding popped up and while Trevor was at work unable to communicate with me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her in the planning process.At the wedding itself, she killed her speech. I know she was incredibly nervous, but you honestly couldn’t tell. I nearly cried when she passed the role of late night talking buddy from herself to Trevor (and it brings me close to tears thinking about her toast now). Thanks for being the best sister I could ask for – even through the rough years. 😉


Trevor and I decided early on in the planning process to keep the wedding party small. My other bridesmaid was another obvious pick. Ana and I have been best friends for over six years now (trust me, Timehop told me just the other day). We went through the brutal and ugly years of high school together. She helped host my killer bridal shower and bachelorette party to0. I couldn’t have asked for a better bridesmaid on my big day, she’s been so supportive of everything. I am also super blessed to say that I get to stand up as a bridesmaid for her wedding this coming year! Who would have thought that the two of us would both be getting married so closely together and stand up in each others weddings!? She had been such a blessing to me on feedback on wedding details since she’s going through the same thing. Along with the perfect gift at the bridal shower, she also made me cry with the lovely card on our wedding date. Seriously though – I was bawling. I love you girly – come visit me SOON!


So something I greatly looked forward to after picking these two lovelies to stand up with me was getting to buy them presents! I love gifting things, it’s seriously the best. I began the buying process about a month before the wedding and slowly built up their presents with little things I saw. Here’s a breakdown of what their goody baskets contained:

  • Basket (to hold everything) – Target, $16.99
  • Wooden Hanger with name put in – I found someone through a Green Bay Area Resale group to make these for us, $10
  • Essie Nail Polish (Mademoiselle color) – Target, $8.49
  • Sleep Shorts (in black) – Target, $9.99
  • V Neck T Shirt (in lilac) – Wal-Mart, $4? I couldn’t find it on their website, but my biggest save on money is buying my v necks through Wal-Mart. They are decent quality and have great colors for a low price.
  • Lauren Conrad bracelet – Kohl’s, $12.99 They didn’t have the exact two I got for them, but similar here. We all love Lauren Conrad, so this was an obvious buy!

So the grand total for each of their gifts was approximately: $62.46. This was a little higher than the budget I had set, but I don’t think I could have given them a better gift honestly. Here are some pictures I snagged while they opened their gifts!

IMG_1211 IMG_1210 IMG_1208 IMG_1207 IMG_1204 IMG_1202 IMG_1197 IMG_1196 IMG_1195

These girls are the best! Love you both dearly!

My dad could be a pro photobomber! We had to snag a Snapchat at the end of the night!

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