August 2, 2015

Trevor and I have been married for 10 days now! We haven’t killed each other yet, so I think we’re going to be okay at this whole husband and wife thing.

Prepare yourselves. I’m about to spill my guts to you about every little thing I can possible remember about our wedding day.

Ana spent the night sleeping on my floor. When I woke up about 7:30 or so she was already up staring at her phone. She had warned me that she’d be up at probably 5 am or so, but I should sleep in anyway. No worries – I slept past 5. We got up and had some breakfast, honestly I don’t remember what I had except that my drink was a Vanilla Chai drink from Bolthouse Farms (I’m currently obsessed with any of their drinks tbh).

By about 9:30 or so my dad had returned with the van and began filling coolers with beer and water.

10 am – we began loading the van full of everything wedding related! It was stressful seeing everything get shipped in there and feeling like I must have forgotten something. Somehow it just seemed like such a high risk situation right in that moment. Loading the van only took about 25 to 30 minutes, thankfully. After that Katherine, Ana, and I chilled in my room and got it looking nice for getting ready in.

11:30 came around super quickly and we headed to Green Isle Park. Our rental didn’t begin until 12, but I wanted to be there early to get everything unloaded and situated. The parks guy came early to unlock the pavilion and we began transporting everything inside. That’s when it kind of hit me – I had never been inside of the space before, so did my vision even really fit in there? I had contacted one of my youth leaders from church who loves doing anything event planning related. I communicated with her about details and what I wanted to see in the space. She was pretty much our day of coordinator, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her honestly! The guys all left to go get ready before the girls left. I was getting so occupied with details, I just couldn’t leave and feel like it would all be okay. Ana finally pulled me aside and told me it was 12:15 and we needed to go.

I had received a text at about 12 from our photographer, Caitlin, saying she was in town and heading over to my place for getting ready photos. I disregarded the message and continued working, but once Ana pointed out the time I knew we were slowly falling behind schedule. If you know me, you know that being late drives me insane! We got back to my house about 12:30 and immediately got the show on the road! I cannot wait to see the getting ready shots! Here is a great dress shot Caitlin took while we did our hair inside.

Caitlin Peterson Photography

After what went by so quickly for getting ready – we made it back to Green Isle at about 2:30. Yes, I was once again late. It was killing me! Trevor and I decided we wanted to do a first look, and I am so glad we did! I don’t think I could have been happier than when I saw him turn around and look at me that first time. He was just so dang handsome!

Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography 

As the first look was happening the sky was turning darker and darker. Weather was one of my top concerns about our wedding. I hate when things aren’t in my control. I had been checking weather religiously for a week or two leading up to the wedding. Anyway, as the first look was happening, the sky darkened and the wind changed directions every other minute. I was beginning to fear we would have to move the wedding inside quickly.

Ceremony time came around faster than I imagined it would. As I stood at the back of the path, I was getting impatient. The sky kept getting darker and I wanted to get the ball rolling. My dad was practically holding me back. Don’t worry – he made sure to get a selfie before we walked down the aisle.

Instagram: @pastorhovland

We eventually made it down the aisle.


My dad hugged me for forever, and he shed a tear or two too I think. But it was one of those really good moments I don’t think I’ll ever forget about the wedding.

Instagram: @pastorhovland


Now to be 100% honest, I hardly remember anything from the reception. All I really remember is watching the sky darken even more and the loud whooshes of wind going through the gazebo. As the ceremony was beginning to end, pastor began talking faster. We all knew what was coming.

Caitlin Peterson Photography


After we were announced Mr. and Mrs. Trevor and Elisebeth Rodriguez – we had a receiving line! It was so nice to hug and see all of our guests at one time! Those of you still in the planning process, I highly recommend a receiving line for the purpose of making sure you talk to everyone at your wedding! As the last guests trickled through, the rain started to pour. We made it inside within a few seconds of torrential downpour. Don’t worry – my dad captured that moment too!


As you can see it was quite intense!

Our reception and dinner were heavenly. I honestly don’t think it could have turned out better. It was everything I imagined and more!

Dinner was provided by a family from my church. They’re seriously the best cooks in all of Green Bay! They served a picnic-type dinner: hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, veggies, and chips and dip. Everyone was saying how amazing it was, and I couldn’t agree more! During dinner we had toasts by our maid of honor, Katherine, and our best man, Christian. Katherine’s almost made me cry. I’m so glad she passed on the responsibility of late-night-talking-buddy to Trevor. Christian’s toast was also amazing. He said everything so fluently and really captured Trevor as a man. Trevor told me his favorite part of the reception was the toast, so I’m hoping we’ll have some pictures coming from Caitlin to commemorate those well spoken words.

Instagram: @pastorhovland
Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography
Instagram: @pastorhovland
Instagram: @pastorhovland

Above are just some aspects of the reception space! My personal favorite was the favor area (shown in top of these three). It looked so perfect with the Christmas lights across the jellies, spreads, and syrups! Another favorite thing from our reception was the cake! My grandma (who also made all of the favors) made our cake! Per Trevor’s request, it was funfetti flavor.

Caitlin Peterson Photography
Instagram: @pastorhovland

I think I could ramble on forever about the dancing! Trevor and I had our first dance to Faithfully by Journey. It’s a song he just randomly plays for me on his keyboard and my heart melts every single time. The dance floor was often sparse sadly – but I constantly went over to my two friend groups and pushed them back out there! I couldn’t have been happier that my friends from both Concordias I have attended were able to make it! I love you ladies!


Last but not least, I loved taking photos of just my husband and myself. I am so blessed to be married to such a loving man. And these first 10 days of marriage have reminded me of that. I love you darling.

Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography
Caitlin Peterson Photography

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